Edit Photos Within WeChat on iPhone Before Sending Out

edit-photos-within-wechat-on-iphone-before-sending-outSending Photos within WeChat is popular and commonly used in the daily usage of WeChat. But many people may not know that no matter in WeChat Moment or WeChat Conversation, you could edit these photos before sending out. Now in this page, we’ll show you how to edit photos within WeChat on iPhone before sending out.
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Extract WeChat Photos from iTunes Backup

extract-wechat-photos-from-itunes-backup“My iPhone inform me that my iPhone storage is almost full, so I backed up my WeChat data to iTunes and deleted all of the messages and photos to save space. Now I need some photos that send with my friend in WeChat, but iTunes can not allow me to access the backup file. So terrible! Can anyone help me solve my problem to extract WeChat Photos from iTunes backup? It would be appreciated for your help.”

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How to Delete Received and Sent Photos in WeChat

delete-received-and-sent-photos-in-wechatIf you are a fan of WeChat, you must use this app frequently which may occupy much storage on your iPhone. The most data of WeChat are photos which received and sent with friends. These photos including thumbnail of the videos, gif emotions, etc. Many people want to release these space so that free up more storage on iPhone. But how can we delete these received and sent photos in WeChat? Continue reading “How to Delete Received and Sent Photos in WeChat”