Recover WeChat Photos if Deleted from iPhone Album

recover-wechat-photos-if-deleted-from-iphone-album“There are some WeChat photos were deleted due to the iPhone storage and the worse thing is that I also deleted them from iPhone album. But now I need these photos. How can I recover WeChat photos if deleted from iPhone album as well?”

Once you get some photos in WeChat app on iPhone, you may choose to save them in iPhone Album in case that you delete them on the app. But how about the situation that you also delete these WeChat photos from iPhone Album? Don’t panic, in this post, we will show you how to recover WeChat photos if you deleted from iPhone Album as well. Continue reading “Recover WeChat Photos if Deleted from iPhone Album”

Is it Possible to Recover Deleted WeChat Photos on iPhone

recover-deleetd-wechat-photos-on-iphone“I accidentally deleted some photos on my WeChat app when I deleted the chat history. Is it possible that I can recover these deleted WeChat photos on my iPhone? Thanks. I am using iPhone 6, iOS 10.”

It is upset that when you accidentally delete some useful WeChat photos and messages. Most people want to find the answer of how to recover deleted WeChat photos on iPhone. Actually, it is hard to recover deleted photos from WeChat app or camera roll on your iPhone, that’s because media content are not stored in the same place as text content, once photos and videos are deleted, they can not be recover directly if you did not have backup. Then it there any chance to recover deleted photos on WeChat? Of course, here we fond the solution for you to retrieve deleted WeChat photos on iPhone. Continue reading “Is it Possible to Recover Deleted WeChat Photos on iPhone”