[News]Businesses court Chinese tourists with WeChat, AliPay

1In China, billions of users pay for everything from food to tax bills with the mobile payments apps WeChat Pay and AilPay every day. Now, many Boston-area retailers are incorporating these services into their business plans to better target a surge of Chinese tourists. Continue reading “[News]Businesses court Chinese tourists with WeChat, AliPay”

[News]Apple Accepts WeChat Pay in China

apple-accepts-wechat-payIn a statement sent to multiple Chinese media outlets today, Apple said iPhone and iPad users in China can now use WeChat Pay as a payment method for App Store and Apple Music purchases.

“We are glad to offer users in mainland China the option of WeChat Pay for their favorite mobile app or Apple Music products. We continue to be dedicated to provide multiple simple and convenient payment methods for customers within the Apple ecosystem,” Apple said in an official statement today. Continue reading “[News]Apple Accepts WeChat Pay in China”

[News]Stripe Strikes Global Partnerships With China’s Alipay, WeChat Pay

newsSilicon Valley startup Stripe has partnered with digital payment providers Alipay and WeChat Pay to enable merchants using its platform globally to accept payments from hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers.

Starting Sunday, the partnerships will allow online merchants using Stripe to integrate the ability for Chinese users to pay with Alipay and WeChat Pay on their websites, the company said. Continue reading “[News]Stripe Strikes Global Partnerships With China’s Alipay, WeChat Pay”

[News]Is WeChat Pay Taking Over Alipay?

is-wechat-pay-taking-over-alipayIs WeChat Pay taking over Alipay? The situation can be better characterized as WeChat Pay and Alipay settling into a stable duopoly, not unlike how MasterCard and Visa have a virtual duopoly in the credit card world.

According to market research firm Analysys, in Q1 2017 Alipay enjoyed approximately 54% share of mobile transaction value while WeChat Pay took 40% share. Average Alipay transaction values are higher than WeChat Pay transactions, so if you are just counting number of digital transactions, it is pretty much even at this point. Continue reading “[News]Is WeChat Pay Taking Over Alipay?”

[News]Apple Faces Tough Competition in China: “Alipay or WeChat Pay?”

alipay-or-wechat-payDong Ximiao was buying a meal at KFC in Hangzhou on a recent Sunday and pulled out his phone to pay, like everyone does in China, when the cashier asked: “Alipay or WeChat Pay?”

The problem was, Dong wanted to use Apple Pay for the 36 yuan (RM23) bill, but the cashier told him she had never handled transactions before and wasn’t sure whether it was accepted at the fried-chicken outlet. Continue reading “[News]Apple Faces Tough Competition in China: “Alipay or WeChat Pay?””