[News]China’s WeChat Becoming Way of Life

wechta-become-a-way-of-lifeAccording to China Daily, China’s WeChat is becoming way of life. It has become a common scene during subway rides in China’s capital Beijing that majority passengers set their eyes on cell phone screens while text messaging, sharing moments, watching videos or playing online games, in silence.

They are just using WeChat, the most popular social media app in the Asian country. The prevailing WeChat has also developed over recent years to become a payment means for online or offline shopping, renting public bicycles, or taking taxis. Continue reading “[News]China’s WeChat Becoming Way of Life”

[News]China Blocked Politically Sensitive Messages on WeChat

china-blocked-politically-sensitive-messages-on-wechatCitizen Lab, a research group out of the University of Toronto, has for the past several months been analyzing how censorship works on WeChat, an app that is ubiquitous in China with well over 800 million users. While Citizen Lab has found evidence of censorship on WeChat in the past, its new report shows how the content that triggers censors gets updated as the environment of sensitive material evolves. They specifically looked at how WeChat treats messages related to China’s targeting of hundreds of human-rights lawyers—detaining, questioning, and disappearing them—in the so-called “709 Crackdown” that began on July 9, 2015. Continue reading “[News]China Blocked Politically Sensitive Messages on WeChat”

[News]WhatsApp Looks to Copy China’s Tencent-owned WeChat

whatsapp-looks-to-copy-china-tencent-owned-wechatAlmost unnoticed Tencent, the Shenzhen based technology outfit, became the 10th most valuable listed company in the world, replacing US bank Wells Fargo, as its market capitalisation climbed through $US279 billion ($372 billion).

It now sits among the world’s tech elite, in a top 10 which includes Apple, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. Continue reading “[News]WhatsApp Looks to Copy China’s Tencent-owned WeChat”

[News]WeChat Expands in Europe, US with new Payment Offerings

wechat-expands-in-europe-us-with-new-payments-offeringsAccording to the report of Bloomberg, WeChat has launched a bid to “develop its payments offering and win new advertisers” for Europe and the United States- with plans to open offices in the UK and another European country.

This approach is likely focused on serving brands in Europe that have keen interest in marketing to Chinese consumers, and also for merchants who want to set up payment channels via WeChat. The strategy would encompass reaching consumers in China as well as tourists visiting Europe. Continue reading “[News]WeChat Expands in Europe, US with new Payment Offerings”

[News]Mobike Bike-rental Feature Added to WeChat Wallet

mobike-bike-rental-feature-added-to-wechat-walletUsers are able to access Mobike’s cycle-rental feature within the Wallet function of popular messaging app Wechat. The Mobike bike-rental feature now appears on the WeChat Wallet interface.

This marks a further tie-up after the pair made an announcement last month that users can unlock a bike by scanning a Mobike QR code using WeChat’s scanning function on their cellphones. Continue reading “[News]Mobike Bike-rental Feature Added to WeChat Wallet”

[News]$70, 000 Lost to Add the Scammers on WeChat

add-the-scammers-on-wechatWeChat, as the messaging and payments tool which brings some convenient to our life, but also brings some trouble if you not care more. Singapore Police Force (SPF) has announced that it had received multiple reports where victims were cheated of monies by scammers operating on WeChat, stating that more than S$70,000 was lost by victims in these cases. Continue reading “[News]$70, 000 Lost to Add the Scammers on WeChat”

[News]Lithium Adds Support for SMS and WeChat, Powering Millions of Conversations Across Digital Channels

wechat-newsLithium Technologies today announced support for SMS and WeChat, empowering businesses to manage millions of 1:1 conversations with customers across the globe. Building on existing support for other channels– including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, RSS, Google+ and Lithium Online Communities– these new capabilities within Lithium’s social media management product ensure brands can connect with and provide awesome, cohesive experiences to customers at the right time, in the right digital moment. Continue reading “[News]Lithium Adds Support for SMS and WeChat, Powering Millions of Conversations Across Digital Channels”

[News]Bill Gates Joins China’s Popular App WeChat

gates-join-wechatThis week, the Microsoft co-founder and multibillionaire philanthropist Bill Gates is join WeChat to reach an even bigger audience.

The billionaire posted a 30-second video on his official account “gatesnotes” with a short sentence in Chinese welcoming viewers and describing in English the channel’s focus, which Gates said will act as a personal blog with posts about the books he is reading and other thoughts. The video has accumulated more than 100,000 views and 23,300 likes as of February 15. Continue reading “[News]Bill Gates Joins China’s Popular App WeChat”

[News]WeChat Allows Users to Gift Starbucks Coffee to Friends in China

wechat-say-it-with-starbucksOn Friday, it was revealed that Starbucks had established a Valentine’s Day partnership with Tencent, the company behind the popular messaging app WeChat. With this new collaboration, Chinese WeChat users will be able to gift a cup of joe via text, which is named “Say it with Starbucks.” That’s a play on words, since the phrase in Chinese sounds similar to “say it with your heart.” Continue reading “[News]WeChat Allows Users to Gift Starbucks Coffee to Friends in China”

[News]WeChat and AliPay Released Red Pocket for Chinese New Year

wechat-and-alipay-released-red-pocket-for-chinese-new-yearGiving Red Pocket is the traditional Chinese custom of Chinese New Year. Three years ago, Alibaba and Tencent launched virtual Red Pocket in a bid to attract customers to their online mobile payment platforms.

But, this year, Tencent’s WeChat and Alibaba’s Aliplay have upped the ante with the introduction of AR Red Pocket, in the style of Pokémon Go. Continue reading “[News]WeChat and AliPay Released Red Pocket for Chinese New Year”