How to Recover Lost WeChat Messages After Downgrade iOS 11

recover-lost-wechat-messages-after-downgrade-ios-11With the release of iOS 11, while you are enjoying the new features of iOS 11, some people may also suffer from the bugs of the new iOS system. Before Apple release the new version to repair these bugs, part of people would choose to downgrade iOS 11. What’s the common problem you may meet during the downgrade is lost data. Continue reading “How to Recover Lost WeChat Messages After Downgrade iOS 11”

Recover Lost & Deleted WeChat data on iPhone 7

recover-wechat-data-on-iphone7“ I used WeChat on my new iPhone 7, but recently, I accidentally deleted some WeChat data. How can I recover these deleted WeChat data on iPhone 7?”

Apple users may suffer from the WeChat data, like WeChat messages, Contacts and Attachments lost when using the newly iPhone 7. Sometimes, the data on WeChat app means a lot to us and once you lost them, it would be the most terrible thing that you even can not image. In that way, is it possible to recover lost and deleted WeChat data on iPhone 7? Continue reading “Recover Lost & Deleted WeChat data on iPhone 7”

Three ways to Recover WeChat Data

wecover-wechat-dataWeChat, as the social chat app, is becoming more and more popular all over the world. This app could allow users to add new contacts, send text messages, voice messages, videos, share location etc with each other. The more usage of WeChat, the more data will be stored on your device. These data may be important to you such as WeChat messages, WeChat Contacts. Once you accidentally lost these data, do you want to recover WeChat data?

As we know, there are more and more data recovery software in the market to guard your data even you lost them. To recover WeChat data, you just need a WeChat data recovery tool. Continue reading “Three ways to Recover WeChat Data”