WeChat Contacts Gone after iOS 11.4 Beta Update? How To Get Them Back?

rcover-lost-wechat-contacts-after-ios-11-4-beta-updateAs we known, data loss can happen anytime for various unexpected reasons, and iOS update is one of the common reasons. iOS 11.4 Beta is coming and many people would choose to update it. Once the WeChat Contacts lost from iPhone, all information and communication will be disorganized like messy. However, this bad condition always happens during every iOS upgrade. Continue reading “WeChat Contacts Gone after iOS 11.4 Beta Update? How To Get Them Back?”

Recover WeChat Contacts after Updating to iOS 10.2

recover-wechat-contacts-after-updating-to-ios-10-2“After I update my iPhone to iOS 10.2, I couldn’t find any Contacts in WeChat app. Luckily, I have the backup in iCloud. How to recover only WeChat Contacts from iCloud backup?”

iOS 10.2 has released and the most important thing for iPhone users is keep the data safe during the update to iOS 10.2. It is quite common to lose some data from iPhone like wechat messages, contacts, notes, etc, from iPhone when it refers to iOS update. So is there any way to recover lost wechat Contacts from iPhone after updating to iOS 10.2? Continue reading “Recover WeChat Contacts after Updating to iOS 10.2”

Restore iPhone WeChat Messages after Restoring Factory Settings

restore-wechat-messages-after-factory-restore“ I perform the factory restore on my iPhone as my WeChat app keeps crashing from time to time. When the restoring factory settings process finish, I found that the messages in WeChat are missing. How can I restore iPhone WeChat Messages after restoring factory settings? My phone is iPhone 7, iOS 10.2.”

Factory restore on iPhone would be the solution for most iPhone bugs and problems. However, this operation would bring some trouble like data loss. Just like the customer said that you may lost some WeChat messages after restoring factoring settings. This would be the panic trouble that you do not hope to come up with. How to restore iPhone WeChat messages after restoring factory setting? In this post, we will introduce the solutions for your to retrieve lost messages in WeChat after restoring factory settings. Continue reading “Restore iPhone WeChat Messages after Restoring Factory Settings”

Deleted WeChat Contacts without Backup, Can I Get them Back?

recover-deleted-wechat-contacts-without-backup“I clear all of the contacts in my WeChat app by accident, and the terrible thing is that I even did not have backup in iTunes or iCloud. Can I get them back? How to recover deleted WeChat contacts without backup?”

It is quite common to mistakenly delete some important WeChat Contacts from iPhone. Accidents always happen when we are not prepared. Just as the above users meet the problem: accidentally deleted some WeChat contacts on iPhone and did not have backup, is it possible to recover these WeChat Contacts? Have you ever found a method to recover WeChat deleted contacts from iPhone? If not, don’t panic. In below article, we will show you the way to get back iPhone deleted WeChat contacts without backup. Continue reading “Deleted WeChat Contacts without Backup, Can I Get them Back?”

How to Delete and Recover WeChat Contacts

delete-and-recover-wechat-contacts“I accidentally add some WeChat contacts in the recommended list that I don’t want to add. How do I delete these WeChat Contacts?”

Sometimes, you may need to delete some contacts on your WeChat when clearing the contacts list, or intentionally add some contacts that you do not want. Then you will delete these WeChat contacts. Today, in this post, we will teach you the way of how to delete WeChat contacts and if you accidentally delete the contacts you need, here is also the solution for you to recover deleted WeChat contacts. Continue reading “How to Delete and Recover WeChat Contacts”