Deleted WeChat Contacts without Backup, Can I Get them Back?

recover-deleted-wechat-contacts-without-backup“I clear all of the contacts in my WeChat app by accident, and the terrible thing is that I even did not have backup in iTunes or iCloud. Can I get them back? How to recover deleted WeChat contacts without backup?”

It is quite common to mistakenly delete some important WeChat Contacts from iPhone. Accidents always happen when we are not prepared. Just as the above users meet the problem: accidentally deleted some WeChat contacts on iPhone and did not have backup, is it possible to recover these WeChat Contacts? Have you ever found a method to recover WeChat deleted contacts from iPhone? If not, don’t panic. In below article, we will show you the way to get back iPhone deleted WeChat contacts without backup. Continue reading “Deleted WeChat Contacts without Backup, Can I Get them Back?”