Export and Transfer iPhone WeChat Messages to Mac

export-and-transfer-wechat-messages-to-mac“I have a large amount of messages in the WeChat app in my iPhone. But I need to use my iPhone storage for other usage so I need to export and transfer these iPhone WeChat messages to Mac directly. Is it possible and what is the best way?”

For some of people have the habit to delete some useless data on iPhone. WeChat messages may contain really important info for you, but it would eat much space on your iPhone. So backing up your WeChat messages to Mac and deleting these messages on your iPhone seems a pretty nice option in such case. But sadly, either iTunes or iCloud could provide the suitable solution to transfer and export iPhone WeChat messages to Mac. Continue reading “Export and Transfer iPhone WeChat Messages to Mac”

Can I Print iPhone WeChat Messages?

print-iphone-wechat-messages“I’d like to print out 8 months worth of wechat messages. I’m aware that I can screenshot and print the photos, however because of the length of messages I’d like to print, this would take some time. Is there an easier way to print them? Thanks!”

WeChat messages contains some important info and special memory. Many people have the demand to save and backup these WeChat messages, some even want to to print out them. When it comes to print iPhone WeChat messages, there are two different way. One is saving the WeChat messages as screen shots and print out the screen shots, and another is export WeChat to the print format. In this post, we will discuss the detailed steps of how to print iPhone WeChat messages. Continue reading “Can I Print iPhone WeChat Messages?”

Recover Lost WeChat Messages on iPhone SE without Backup

recover-lost-wechat-messages-on-iphone-se-without-backupAccidents happen everyday, and sometime you may lost some WeChat messages on your iPhone SE even do not have the time to backup.

“OMG, where is my messages on WeChat? My iPhone SE crashed when I use it. I restart it and found that the WeChat messages on my iPhone SE were missing. What can I do that I even did not make the backup of the iPhone. Can I recover these lost WeChat messages on iPhone SE without backup?” Continue reading “Recover Lost WeChat Messages on iPhone SE without Backup”

Best Way to Recover Deleted &Lost WeChat Messages

recover-wechat-messages“My husband deleted some messages on WeChat to avoid me viewing. I want to know the content that he deleted and the man he chatted with. Is it possible?

“When I clear my iPhone for more space, I accidentally deleted some important WeChat messages. Can I find a solution to recover these deleted WeChat messages on iPhone? I have the iPhone 5s.” Continue reading “Best Way to Recover Deleted &Lost WeChat Messages”