How to Permanently Delete WeChat Account

delete-wechat-account-permanentlySocial instant messaging application like WeChat contains some important and private info in it. So when you change your account or change your iPhone, you may worry about the security of the information in it. To protect the security of your account and data, you’d better delete your WeChat account completely. In this post, we will show you the tips about permanently delete WeChat account. Continue reading “How to Permanently Delete WeChat Account”

How to Delete and Recover WeChat Account

delete-and-recover-wechat-accountWeChat, as the social chat app. There is much data stored on the app and on your WeChat account. To protect privacy, many people searh for the way to delete WeChat account online. If you are the person who have the demand, do not search for the solution any more as the solution is here. We will walk you throgh the steps of how to delete WeChat account and give you some advice.

Before deleting WeChat account, there are some tips you should remember: Continue reading “How to Delete and Recover WeChat Account”