Recover WeChat Photos if Deleted from iPhone Album

recover-wechat-photos-if-deleted-from-iphone-album“There are some WeChat photos were deleted due to the iPhone storage and the worse thing is that I also deleted them from iPhone album. But now I need these photos. How can I recover WeChat photos if deleted from iPhone album as well?”

Once you get some photos in WeChat app on iPhone, you may choose to save them in iPhone Album in case that you delete them on the app. But how about the situation that you also delete these WeChat photos from iPhone Album? Don’t panic, in this post, we will show you how to recover WeChat photos if you deleted from iPhone Album as well. Continue reading “Recover WeChat Photos if Deleted from iPhone Album”

[News]Apple Accepts WeChat Pay in China

apple-accepts-wechat-payIn a statement sent to multiple Chinese media outlets today, Apple said iPhone and iPad users in China can now use WeChat Pay as a payment method for App Store and Apple Music purchases.

“We are glad to offer users in mainland China the option of WeChat Pay for their favorite mobile app or Apple Music products. We continue to be dedicated to provide multiple simple and convenient payment methods for customers within the Apple ecosystem,” Apple said in an official statement today. Continue reading “[News]Apple Accepts WeChat Pay in China”

How to Get Back Lost WeChat Message from Lost iPhone 8

get-back-wechat-messages-from-lost-iphone-8“I lost my iPhone 8 and now I can not get access to my messages in WeChat app. I want to ask how can I get back my lost WeChat messages from lost iPhone 8. Waiting for the reply. Thank you.”

iPhone 8 is coming this Fall with the latest iOS 11. Many Apple fans can’t wait to change their iOS devices to the latest mode. It would be the exciting things to experience the new iPhone 8, while it would be the most sad thing when you lost the new device. Once you lost the iPhone 8, you can not access all of the data in it like WeChat messages. How can you get back lost WeChat messages from lost iPhone 8 when it happened? Don’t worry, in this post, we will introduce you the methods to solve this problem easily. Continue reading “How to Get Back Lost WeChat Message from Lost iPhone 8”

Recover Lost WeChat Messages from iPhone 7 Jailbroken

recover-wechat-message-on-jailbroken-iphone-7“When I try to jailbreak my iPhone 7. It works successful to finish the process, but it is surprise that I lost some messages in WeChat app without any reasons. I am not sure if they lost due to jailbroken, but I want to find the way to help me find these lost WeChat messages from iPhone 7 jailbroken.
Continue reading “Recover Lost WeChat Messages from iPhone 7 Jailbroken”

[News]Has WeChat inspired a super app revolution?

newsThough initially popular for voice messaging, WeChat has rapidly expanded. Perhaps modelling itself after Facebook, its first addition was a news feed with updates from friends. Soon after, it began to include other functions. WeChat Pay, for example, allows users to send money to one another and pay vendors directly from their mobile phones. Continue reading “[News]Has WeChat inspired a super app revolution?”

Retrieve Deleted WeChat Messages from iPhone 8

retrieve-deleted-wechat-messages-from-iphone-8iPhone 8 is coming this Fall. When you are enjoying the exictemnet of the new iPhone, someone may have the consideration of data secure of iPhone 8. One of the most concerned data is WeChat messages.Once you lost some WeChat messages on iPhone 8, what can you do to retrieve your lost WeChat data? In below post, we will introduce you the most easy and effective methods to get back deleted WeChat messages from iPhone 8. Continue reading “Retrieve Deleted WeChat Messages from iPhone 8”

[News]WeChat App in China Described as Apple’s ‘Toughest Rival’ as iPhone 8 Launch Nears

news-wechat-described-as-apple-toughest-rivalApple’s difficulty in garnering a larger share of the smartphone market in China has been looked at recently by The Wall Street Journal, which described the ubiquitous mobile app WeChat as the iPhone’s “toughest rival” in the country. Citing data from QuestMobile, on average WeChat is said to have captured nearly 35 percent of each user’s monthly smartphone usage time, averaging about 1 billion monthly active users in total. Continue reading “[News]WeChat App in China Described as Apple’s ‘Toughest Rival’ as iPhone 8 Launch Nears”

How to Know Someone Has Blocked You on WeChat

know-someone-has-blocked-you-on-wechatIf you ask what is the most embarrassing thing when you are using on WeChat, most people will answer that someone has blocked you and you even did not know. It’s not always immediately obvious if your friend has done this, there are a few things that you can do to tell for sure if someone has given you the cold shoulder on WeChat.

Below are some tips on how to know if someone has blocked you. Any of these tips will usually tell you what you need to know, but you can try several just to make sure: Continue reading “How to Know Someone Has Blocked You on WeChat”

[News]New Ad Feature was Added to WeChat Public Accounts

new-ad-feature-in-wechat-public-accountWeChat launched an internal testing among key users on Monday for a new feature that would allow public account operators to insert advertisements into their posts.

The platform previously only supported ad positions that appear at the top or bottom of the post. The new function gives operators more freedom to choose the specific spots where they want the ads to be displayed with more targeted promotion and more context. This means stores like one KOL selling 100 cars in 4 minutes through public account promotions could be more common on the platform. Continue reading “[News]New Ad Feature was Added to WeChat Public Accounts”

How Can I Recover WeChat Data When My iPhone Got Stuck During iOS 11 Update

recover-wechat-data-when-iphone-get-stuck-during-ios-11-update“My iPhone got stuck when I try to update to the latest iOS 11. It is my first time that suffer from this problem when I did the upgrade. This makes me can not access the data in it especially these WeChat data. So I want to ask is it possible to recover WeChat data when my iPhone got stuck during iOS 11 update?” Continue reading “How Can I Recover WeChat Data When My iPhone Got Stuck During iOS 11 Update”