Back up WeChat Contacts List on iPhone 8 to PC

Learn a simple way to back up WeChat Contacts on iPhone 8 to PC. 

backup-iphone-wechat-contactsI’m hunting for a way to backup WeChat Contacts list on my iPhone 8. Searching high and low, a solution turns out for me.

To get back your WeChat group contacts, I applied iRefone, which is a professional iOS data recovery software. It’s designed to help us recover as well as backup more than 16 kinds of files, including contacts, notes, messages, photos, reminders, calendars, call history, WeChat messages ect. At the same time, it can help us extract data from iTunes and iCloud backup selectively, and it can be compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod. Just download a right version to start backup process.  Continue reading “Back up WeChat Contacts List on iPhone 8 to PC”

Recover Only Deleted WeChat Images from iTunes Backup

recover-wechat-imagesIs it possible to retrieve images from wechat from an iphone 6s?

WeChat can be backed up to iTunes as app and app data so in case you are wondering if you can restore WeChat images from iTunes backup. However, it is quite a hassle to restore from iTunes backups since you need to wipe out existing phone contents before you are able to get back photos from WeChat. Any better solution? Continue reading “Recover Only Deleted WeChat Images from iTunes Backup”

How to Retrieve WeChat Messages on iPhone X without Backup

recover-iphonex-wechat-messagsI deleted some crucial messages in WeChat on my iPhone X. No recent backup! How can I recover deleted WeChat messages on iPhone X easily? Searching online, I got some clues. Now below is a step-by-step tutorial shows you how to get WeChat messages back on iPhone X without backup.

First, you can turn to iRefone for help, which is the best iOS data recovery program that keep your data safe.  Continue reading “How to Retrieve WeChat Messages on iPhone X without Backup”

Any Way to Save Videos from WeChat on iPhone

save-wechat-videoMy friend send me a video in Wechat. How to save video from Wechat on iPhone? Any suggestion?

Got some important WeChat videos on iPhone and you may want to save them to your iPhone, computer or share them on other apps. Now in this article, we will show the different ways you can do that. Continue reading “Any Way to Save Videos from WeChat on iPhone”

Recover Lost WeChat Messages from Water Damaged iPhone 8

iphone-8-water-damage-recover-wechat-messageAccording to official Apple website, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus devices are IP67 IP67 certified. This certification means that the device is dust and water resistant. An iPhone 8 can be submerged in water for up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes without succumbing to water damage. However, it doesn’t mean that you would not encounter water damaged. Then your import data like WeChat Messages would lost. This troubleshooting article answers how to restore Wechat messages from water damaged iPhone 8, so hopefully you’ll find our solutions effective.

To recover Wechat messages from iPhone 8 that dropped into the water, you can totally turn to iRefone for help. As a professional and trustworthy iOS data recovery software, iRefone is able to recover as many 17 kinds of data like messages, photos, contacts, notes, WeChat attachments, WhatsApp attachments and more.  Continue reading “Recover Lost WeChat Messages from Water Damaged iPhone 8”

Get Back Lost WeChat Data due to Battery Issue

cifv6k%56j_9o9l_ur4vWeChat is becoming the most popular chat apps right now, and many people are using it every day to know their friends daily life. But unfortunately, we’ll also lost our WeChat data due to many reasons, and from this article, we’ll guide you how to recover lost WeChat data due to battery issue.
Continue reading “Get Back Lost WeChat Data due to Battery Issue”

Change WhatsApp Conversation Wallpaper

6rm_xnrizue1is227ei“As we know we can change WeChat chat wallpaper, is it possible for us to change WhatsApp chat background?”

When you’re using WhatsApp a lot and want to customize your WhatsApp chat background, you can follow this page, and we’ll show you some methods about how to change WhatsApp chat background on your Android phone or iPhone.
Continue reading “Change WhatsApp Conversation Wallpaper”

Set Strangers Can See Last 10 WeChat posts

ukdiutskwrz4d849fdy“Due to some reasons, i deleted one of my old WeChat friends, and she deleted my as well. But i know her WeChat ID, so i can search her WeChat ID. One day i found out that i can still see her latest ten posts. Now i also want to set my WeChat with strangers can see ten posts on my WeChat, anyone can help me with it?”

By default, strangers can see ten latest WeChat posts on our WeChat, and some people may want to protect their private information, they will disable this feature. And also there are some people they may want to enable this feature. Now from this article, we’ll show you some methods about how to set strangers can see ten posts on WeChat, read it and learn more.
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Get back WeChat data after uninstalling it

94437aerg18l2dlozh“My iPhone always crash when i launch my WeChat on it, so i uninstall WeChat on my iPhone, and reinstall it after a while. Then i couldn’t find my WeChat messages, how could i get back my WeChat data after uninstalling it?”

It’s quite common for us to uninstall and reinstall apps on our iPhone, but the thing is we will lost those app data after uninstalling them. It’s easy for us to get back our lost iPhone data when we have done some backups, but what if we have done no backups? How could we get back them? Now from this article, we’ll focus on show you how to get back WeChat data after uninstalling it for example. Continue reading “Get back WeChat data after uninstalling it”

WeChat Shake Doesn’t Work

vvjh44qoo13plab_yv1We all know there are many feature on WeChat, here we’ll introduce you one of them, which is named WeChat Shake.

We usually use WeChat shake to add some WeChat friends who is also shaking their phone or iPhone through WeChat, And sometimes our WeChat shake may just doesn’t work, what to do when your WeChat shake doesn’t work? Now you can also find some solutions from this article.


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