Is it Possible to Recover Deleted WeChat Photos on iPhone

recover-deleetd-wechat-photos-on-iphone“I accidentally deleted some photos on my WeChat app when I deleted the chat history. Is it possible that I can recover these deleted WeChat photos on my iPhone? Thanks. I am using iPhone 6, iOS 10.”

It is upset that when you accidentally delete some useful WeChat photos and messages. Most people want to find the answer of how to recover deleted WeChat photos on iPhone. Actually, it is hard to recover deleted photos from WeChat app or camera roll on your iPhone, that’s because media content are not stored in the same place as text content, once photos and videos are deleted, they can not be recover directly if you did not have backup. Then it there any chance to recover deleted photos on WeChat? Of course, here we fond the solution for you to retrieve deleted WeChat photos on iPhone. Continue reading “Is it Possible to Recover Deleted WeChat Photos on iPhone”

How to Save WeChat Photos to Computer

save-wechat-photos-on-computer“There are many photos that I received from my friends on WeChat and I want to save these WeChat photos to computer. Can I do it?”

As we known, WeChat users could send Photos as attachments in WeChat chat history. These Photos could be saved to your photos camera if you like. However, once you save them on your camera, it will take much space of your iPhone. So the best way to save these WeChat photos is to save them on your computer. How to transfer WeChat photos to computer directly would be the problem you may come. Don’t worry, just keep on reading. Continue reading “How to Save WeChat Photos to Computer”

How to Play WeChat Audio Messages on Computer

play-wechat-audio-messages-on-computer“There are some memorable WeChat Voice Messages on my iPhone and I want to know is there any way that could help me extract these WeChat audio messages and play them on computer?”

With the popular of WeChat, more and more people choose WeChat to send messages to get connect with their friends and families. In these days, people prefer to sending voice messages rather than text messages as it does not need to type each word one by one. Have you ever had the demands that you want to extract WeChat voice messages from iPhone to play them on computer? Continue reading “How to Play WeChat Audio Messages on Computer”

Backup WeChat Messages on iPhone 7/6s/6/5 to Computer

backup-wechat-messages-from-iphone-to-compute“There are many WeChat messages and contacts in my WeChat app on iPhone which occupy may storage on my iPhone. I would like to backup these data from my iPhone to computer. My iTunes is useless and how can I do this without iTunes? My iPhone is iPhone 6s, iOS 10”

WeChat is commonly used for daily connection and there are maybe some important data stored on the app. Then you may want to backup and save these data to avoid data loss disaster. Backup WeChat Messages from iPhone 7/6s/6/5 to computer is good way not only for backup data, but also for get more space on iPhone. Continue reading “Backup WeChat Messages on iPhone 7/6s/6/5 to Computer”

[News]WeChat Rabbit will Start in Its Own Movie

tuzkiAccording to the Guardian reports, the famous emoji rabbit in WeChat will get its own movie.

Tuzki, the animated emoji rabbit, it to be made into a blockbuster cartoon movie by the team behind Warcraft. The film, to be released in 2018, is one of 20 projects in production from Tencent Pictures, the studio wing of the tech giant which owns WeChat.
Continue reading “[News]WeChat Rabbit will Start in Its Own Movie”

Download and Extract Old WeChat Messages from iTunes Backup

extract-wechat-messages-from-itunes-backup“I have backed up my WeChat messages to iTunes and now due to some reason, I need to read the messages in WeChat of my iTunes backup. But I can not find the backup folder and access the messages. I want to ask if there is the way to download and extract these WeChat Messages from iTunes backup.”

Many iPhone users have the habit to make the backup of their iPhone in iTunes as it is convenient and will not take space of iPhone. Once you lost these data, you could choose to restore from iTuens backup to get them back. However, after you finish the backup in iTunes, did you want to preview some data, like WeChat messages in backup? If you meet the same problem, how will you do that?
Continue reading “Download and Extract Old WeChat Messages from iTunes Backup”

Solution to Backup WeChat Contacts to PC or Mac

backup-wecahat-contacts-to-pc-or-macWeChat is designed with privacy and safety and for this reason, WeChat will not store chat log or messages history and WeChat Contacts on their servers to make sure that third-parties including WeChat itself are unable to view the content of users’. That means you can not use WeChat itself to help you backup your WeChat Messages and Contacts. Then what about if you want to backup WeChat Contacts to your PC or Mac for preview and store?
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Best iPhone WeChat Data Recovery Software Review

wechat-data-recovery-software-reviewWith the popular of WeChat app, more and more users choose WeChat as their main social app to communicate with their friends, do business, share daily life, etc. However, when you are using the app, have you ever considered the security of the data on it? What about you unfortunately deleted some WeChat messages, Contacts by mistakes and you even did not have iTunes or iCloud backup of them? That proves that an iPhone WeChat data recovery software is necessary, and iRefone is such the best one for you. Continue reading “Best iPhone WeChat Data Recovery Software Review”

iOS 10’s Siri Can Access WeChat And More Third-Party Apps Through “Long-Overdue” Integration

siri-can-access-wechatWith the release of iPhone 7/7 Plus which running on iOS 10, it is expected to come with a number of new features and changes. With the announcement of iOS 10 at WWDC this summer, the new mobile operating system for Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices is going to sport an enhanced version of Siri. One of the feature is that it supports for third-party application integration which allows users finally get to use the virtual assistant when accessing or using third-party apps. Continue reading “iOS 10’s Siri Can Access WeChat And More Third-Party Apps Through “Long-Overdue” Integration”

How to Restore WeChat Messages from Water Damaged iPhone (iPhone 7 included)

restore-wechat-messages-from-water-damaged-iphone“I bring my iPhone to the bathroom and forget to take it out. When I finish having bath, it is horrible find that my iPhone was water damaged. OMG! What’s wrong about my WeChat Messages which included some important password. Can I restore WeChat Messages from Water Damaged iPhone?”

One of the most terrible reasons that cause your iPhone damaged is your iPhone drop into sea, bath or toilet. Once your iPhone is water damaged, you may suffer from the trouble of lost data. In this post, we will give you some tips about how to fix the water-damaged iPhone and show you how to restore WeChat messages from water damaged iPhone, including the newly iPhone 7. Continue reading “How to Restore WeChat Messages from Water Damaged iPhone (iPhone 7 included)”