How to Recover Deleted WeChat Audio Messages on iPhone

recover-deleted-wechat-audio-messages-on-iphone“I deleted these audio messages in WeChat app on my iPhone and I want to know what should I do to recover that?”

Nowadays, WeChat, as the instant messaging app is more and more popular among young users. One of the welcomed feature of WeChat is audio messages. Old messages texting is replaced by voice which reduce the time. However, it is thorny when some important audio messages are deleted from WeChat app in iPhone. So how to recover deleted WeChat audio messages on iPhone? Here, we’ve got the method to help these users who lost voice chat history to recover deleted audio messages in WeChat. Continue reading “How to Recover Deleted WeChat Audio Messages on iPhone”

WeChat, No Longer Tell Users When it Censors Messages

censors-wechat-messagesUsers of WeChat have stopped being informed when their messages are being censored in a move that further erodes users privacy, according to a new report from Citizen Lab.

Tencent, the $232 billion dollar giant that operates WeChat, has always practiced forms of censorship on its users — that’s an inevitable part of running a popular online service in China — but at some point in recent years it ceased informing users when their messages were blocked. In the past, the app would notify users when a message they intended to send wasn’t delivered because it was controversial, such as references to free speech groups or the Tiananmen Square massacre. Now, however, censored messages are simply not delivered with no notification for either sender or recipient. Continue reading “WeChat, No Longer Tell Users When it Censors Messages”

Recover Lost WeChat Messages after Downgrade iOS 10

retrieve-lost-wechat-after-downgrade-ios-10“I am a iPhone user and when iOS 10 is released, I updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 10. However, when I run iOS 10, it crashed from time to time. Then I downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 9. Everything is well. When I use my WeChat I found some of WeChat messages were missing? Can I recover lost WeChat messages after downgrade iOS 10?”

iOS 10 arrives, many users rush to update iOS 9 to iOS 10. But part of users among them may choose to downgrade iOS 10 like above users. As we known, there are some risks in iOS operation update and downgrade. After downgrading iOS 10, some data in your device may lost, such as WeChat. How can you recover lost WeChat messages from your iPhone after downgrading iOS 10 to iOS 9? Continue reading “Recover Lost WeChat Messages after Downgrade iOS 10”

WeChat VS WhatsApp VS Viber VS Telegram

wechat-vs-whatsapp-vs-viber-vs-telegramNowadays, instant messaging apps are popular as it is easy for communication and life sharing. Additionally, there are also many instant messaging apps in the market which makes you confused about which one to choose. In this post, we will focus on WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram to make the comparison. If you are using or interested in them, let’s take you have a look at them. Continue reading “WeChat VS WhatsApp VS Viber VS Telegram”

Get WeChat Photos/Videos/Audios on iPhone Back to PC

get-wechat-photos-videos-audios-on-iphone-back-to-pc“I used WeChat PC version on my friend’s computer. Although these photos, videos and audio that I sent and received with my friends are all on my iPhone, now the problem is that how can I get WeChat photos/videos/audios on iPhone back to my PC. As you known that when I log in WeChat on my PC, I can not get these media.”

WeChat provides users mobile version which allows to log in on Android and iPhone, as well as PC version. The inconvenience is that if you chat with others on your iPhone, when you log in your account on PC, These history data will not be transferred to your computer. Then you may ask how can I get WeChat Photos/Videos/Audios on iPhone back to PC? Don’t worry, in this post, we will teach you the easy way to get WeChat photos, videos and audios on iPhone back to PC. Continue reading “Get WeChat Photos/Videos/Audios on iPhone Back to PC”

Accidentally Deleted WeChat Chat History on iPhone 6S, Can I Get Them Back?

recover-iphone-6s-deleted-wechat-chat-historyWeChat, as the poplar messaging app which allows you to send messages to contact with friends. It is reported that the number of registered WeChat accounts has reached 1.5 billion, with more than 600 million monthly active users, covering users in more than 200 countries and regions. During the usages of WeChat, accidents may happen intentionally.

“I accidentally deleted WeChat chat history on iPhone 6s, can I get these lost WeChat messages back?” Continue reading “Accidentally Deleted WeChat Chat History on iPhone 6S, Can I Get Them Back?”

Access WeChat Contacts in iCloud

access-wechat-contacts-in-icloudMany people leave messages to ask us how to access WeChat Contacts from iCloud backup. It is quite easy to back up data like WeChat, messages, contacts and more to iCloud. However, it is always not easy for users to access and view the data in iCloud backup. Don’t worry, here, in this post, we will introduce the method to view WeChat Contacts from iCloud backup. Continue reading “Access WeChat Contacts in iCloud”

[News]McDonald’s South Africa Pilots QR Code Mobile Payments with WeChat

mcdonald-south-africa-pilots-qr-code-mobile-payments-with-wechatMcDonald’s South Africa pilots QR code mobile payments with WeChat. It is piloting a mobile payment service at select restaurants in Johannesburg and Cape Town using social messaging app WeChat Africa, enabling customers to complete purchases by presenting QR codes generated by the app at the point of sale.

To mark the launch of Quick Pay, WeChat is also giving the first 20,000 McDonald’s customers 50% cashback when using the service to pay for their meal. Continue reading “[News]McDonald’s South Africa Pilots QR Code Mobile Payments with WeChat”

Access and Extract WeChat Contacts in iTunes

access-and-extract-wechat-contacts-in-itunes“My iPhone was stolen and I need to contact one of my WeChat contacts. I remember that it seems that there is the backup of WeChat data in iTunes. I want to know is there the possible solution that I can access and extract WeChat Contacts in iTunes?”

Lost iPhone would be a panic and the most terrible thing is lost useful data in iPhone. Generally speaking, when it comes to data loss problem on iPhone, the first thing we will think of is to restore from iTunes and iCloud backup. But when you make the backup in iTunes and iCloud, the only method for you to access and extract data in backup, you need to erase all of the data in your device and restore. So in this post, we will introduce you an easy way to access and extract WeChat Contacts in iTunes. Continue reading “Access and Extract WeChat Contacts in iTunes”