Different Ways to Add WeChat Contacts on iPhone

add-wechat-contacts“Many of my friends around me begin to using WeChat and I want to join them as well. But I am not familiar with the app. I search online to find the tutorial of using it but never found a clear one. I want to ask if someone could list some easy ways of how to add WeChat friends. That would be a best way for me to get familiar with the app well. Thank you so much for your help.”

Are you suffer from the same problem as above users that you are the first time to get in touch with WeChat and do not know how to start it from? If so, you are lucky to read this guide as we will show you some different ways to add WeChat contacts. If you learn that, that would be easy for you to contact with friends through WeChat. Now, we will begin.
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Extract WeChat Photos from iTunes Backup

extract-wechat-photos-from-itunes-backup“My iPhone inform me that my iPhone storage is almost full, so I backed up my WeChat data to iTunes and deleted all of the messages and photos to save space. Now I need some photos that send with my friend in WeChat, but iTunes can not allow me to access the backup file. So terrible! Can anyone help me solve my problem to extract WeChat Photos from iTunes backup? It would be appreciated for your help.”

Do you have the same problem as the above user? Stored some WeChat data in iTunes and want to extract them out from backup? Actually, it is not difficult to export WeChat photos from iTunes backup. Continue reading “Extract WeChat Photos from iTunes Backup”

How to Delete Received and Sent Photos in WeChat

delete-received-and-sent-photos-in-wechatIf you are a fan of WeChat, you must use this app frequently which may occupy much storage on your iPhone. The most data of WeChat are photos which received and sent with friends. These photos including thumbnail of the videos, gif emotions, etc. Many people want to release these space so that free up more storage on iPhone. But how can we delete these received and sent photos in WeChat? Continue reading “How to Delete Received and Sent Photos in WeChat”

Transfer WeChat Data from Old iPhone to iPhone SE

transfer-wechat-data-to-iphone-se“I bought a new iPhone SE. I often use WeChat app to communicate with other, including my boss and my colleges. So there are some documents and chats about work stored this app. Now my iPhone will give to my sister and I am wondering if it is possible to transfer these wechat data from my old iPhone to the new iPhone?

Once you change your iPhone, the most panic thing is how to handle and transfer the data in your old iPhone. So is it possible to transfer WeChat data form old iPhone to newly released iPhone SE? Of course yes! Here, we will show you the detailed steps to teach you how to transfer WeChat data from old iPhone to iPhone SE. Continue reading “Transfer WeChat Data from Old iPhone to iPhone SE”

Alternative Social Chat Apps to WeChat

Alternative Social Chat Apps to WeChatWeChat, as the best social chat app in China, which supports to traditional messaging, hole-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast messaging, photo and video sharing, location sharing and the ability to share streaming content feeds. Although WeChat is covered all the function in the daily life, there are a few stand-out apps which have the similar functions as WeChat and is widely used by many users. Today, we will list some best social chat apps here to share with you. Continue reading “Alternative Social Chat Apps to WeChat”

Useful Tips and Tricks to be known about WeChat

wechat-tips-and-tricksWeChat is one of the fastest growing social communication app after WhatsApp for everyone especially teenagers. One of the reasons that WeChat become so popular is that it has some useful and interesting features. People are very enjoy the process of finding these useful tips and tricks.

There are a lot of useful tips and tricks which at present in WeChat but many people don’t know about them. If you are curios about these tips you are at the right place as we will share some WeChat tips and tricks. Continue reading “Useful Tips and Tricks to be known about WeChat”