How to Use Sight on WeChat

how-to-use-sight-on-wechatThere are some special and interesting moments in daily life that you may want to share with others. WeChat sight moment which provides the easy way for short videos sharing. The WeChat Sight allows you to capture and share six-second clips. In the previous post, we shared the method to recover lost WeChat on iPhone, however, some readers reflect that they did not familiar with WeChat sight well. If you are new about or want to know how to use Sight on WeChat, we will walk you through the steps in below guide. Continue reading “How to Use Sight on WeChat”

How to Check if You Have Been Blocked in WeChat, WhatsApp and Viber

how-to-check-if-you-have-been-blockedMessaging apps like WeChat, WhatsApp are convenient for communicate with other as they allow users to send audio and video files, chat, make calls and send emojis. However, while these breakthroughs are considered practical and helpful, these apps also expose us to people we don’t really want to get in touch with. Or perhaps, former friends and colleagues that are too bothersome that we just don’t want them to be in the chain. The way to do this is to block them in our messaging app. It can also be that it’s the opposite. Other people might block us for reasons they only know. Continue reading “How to Check if You Have Been Blocked in WeChat, WhatsApp and Viber”

WeChat VS WhatsApp VS Viber VS Telegram

wechat-vs-whatsapp-vs-viber-vs-telegramNowadays, instant messaging apps are popular as it is easy for communication and life sharing. Additionally, there are also many instant messaging apps in the market which makes you confused about which one to choose. In this post, we will focus on WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram to make the comparison. If you are using or interested in them, let’s take you have a look at them. Continue reading “WeChat VS WhatsApp VS Viber VS Telegram”

Using Tips About WeChat Moments

using-tips-of-wechat-momentWeChat, not only the instant messaging app, but also the social connection tool. If you are the fan of WeChat, you must can’t miss the “Moment” function in it. In toady’s post, we will show you some using tips about WeChat Moment.

How to Share WeChat Moment

If you are new to the “Moment” function in WeChat and do not know how to do it, just follow these instructions: Continue reading “Using Tips About WeChat Moments”

Can I Print iPhone WeChat Messages?

print-iphone-wechat-messages“I’d like to print out 8 months worth of wechat messages. I’m aware that I can screenshot and print the photos, however because of the length of messages I’d like to print, this would take some time. Is there an easier way to print them? Thanks!”

WeChat messages contains some important info and special memory. Many people have the demand to save and backup these WeChat messages, some even want to to print out them. When it comes to print iPhone WeChat messages, there are two different way. One is saving the WeChat messages as screen shots and print out the screen shots, and another is export WeChat to the print format. In this post, we will discuss the detailed steps of how to print iPhone WeChat messages. Continue reading “Can I Print iPhone WeChat Messages?”

Tips to Recover Deleted WeChat Messages

tips-to-recover-deleted-wechat-messagesWith the popular of WeChat app, more and more people all over the world choose to communicate with others using this app. But more and more search online for the ways to recover deleted WeChat messages. In fact, there are some solutions for you to get back deleted WeChat messages. In today’s post, we will give you some tips to recover deleted WeChat messages. Continue reading “Tips to Recover Deleted WeChat Messages”

Difference Between WeChat and WhatsApp

difference-between-wechat-and-whatsappWith the release of many instant messaging app, like WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, many people may have the confuse that which app they choose to use and what’s the difference between these apps. Today, we will pick out two apps WhatsApp and WeChat among these to make the comparison of these two apps. Follow this post to get the difference between WeChat and WhatsApp.
Continue reading “Difference Between WeChat and WhatsApp”

How to Discover and Add Unknown Friends on WeChat

add-unknown-friends-on-wechatAre you an active person that hopes to make more friends with others? Do you want to add unknown friends? Here is a good news for you that it is possible to do it on WeChat now. Sounds crazy, right? Except adding known contacts on WeChat, WeChat also provides you some features to get know about the unknown people. In this article we will show you some ways to make new friends through WeChat. Just keep reading. Continue reading “How to Discover and Add Unknown Friends on WeChat”