How to Push WeChat Content to WeChat

push-content-on-wechatWhat’s is WeChat push content? Do you know how to push content to WeChat?

When related to push content to WeChat, we can also consider it as some contents pushed by WeChat official account, like articles, texts, photos ect. Usually it’s business action, they push their marketing or products to people, and make people know more about them. Now do you want to puch your own articles to WeChat? Now in this article, we’ll focus on teach you how to push content to WeChat, read it and learn more. Continue reading “How to Push WeChat Content to WeChat”

How to Set WeChat Moment Can Be Seen Only Latest Three Days

set-wechat-momemt-can-be-seen-only-latest-three-daysNowadays, WeChat Moment is the popular space for people to share their happiness, sadness, special moment, etc. These days, WeChat add the new feature which allows users to set their WeChat moment with the latest three days. Do you know about the feature? How can you set WeChat moment can be seen only latest three days? Continue reading “How to Set WeChat Moment Can Be Seen Only Latest Three Days”

Edit Photos Within WeChat on iPhone Before Sending Out

edit-photos-within-wechat-on-iphone-before-sending-outSending Photos within WeChat is popular and commonly used in the daily usage of WeChat. But many people may not know that no matter in WeChat Moment or WeChat Conversation, you could edit these photos before sending out. Now in this page, we’ll show you how to edit photos within WeChat on iPhone before sending out.
Continue reading “Edit Photos Within WeChat on iPhone Before Sending Out”

Tips to Manage WeChat Group Chat

tips-to-manage-wechat-group-chatOne of the attractive feature of WeChat is Group Chat. People use groups to chat with different circles of friends, send events and promotional news to potential customers, or share and discuss information related to our business or interests. Thus, it is important to manage WeChat group chats. Here are some tips about how to mange WeChat group chat. Continue reading “Tips to Manage WeChat Group Chat”

How to Link Credit Card to WeChat Wallet

how-to-link-credit-card-to-wechat-walletAs the popular social media app in China, WeChat is more than just a messaging service app, it supports payments and money transfer, which allows users to peer-to-peer transfer and electronic bill payment. If you are the first time to use this function, this post would teach you the step-by-step details of how to link credit card to WeChat wallet. Continue reading “How to Link Credit Card to WeChat Wallet”

Tips and Tricks about iPhone WeChat Messages

tips-and-tricks-about-iphone-wechat-messagesWith the popular of WeChat, WeChat messages play an important role in people’s daily life. Even you use WeChat to communicate with others everyday, you may still not very familiar with WeChat messages. In this post, we will list you some tips and tricks about WeChat Messages you need to know. Continue reading “Tips and Tricks about iPhone WeChat Messages”

7 Features that WhatsApp Can Learn from WeChat

features-that-whatsapp-can-learn-from-wechatThere are are a lot of instant messaging apps in the market like Facebook Messenger, WHatsApp, WeChat, etc. In our previous posts, we made some the comparison of these app, in today’s post, we list of 7 more features WhatsApp could do with borrowing from WeChat, which should hopefully give marketers a better insight into how WeChat functiond and why it’s so sticky. Continue reading “7 Features that WhatsApp Can Learn from WeChat”

How to Make a Video Call on WeChat

make-wechat-video-call“My grandson studied China and he start to use WeChat. I’d like to make a video call with him on WeChat but I am new to it and do not know how. Can anyone teach me how to make a video call on iPhone?”

WeChat is popular in China as it provides complete features for you to contact with your friends, family and colleague. Video Call is one of the useful features which allows you to have the video call with anyone on your WeChat Contacts list. However, some people may not know how to make a video call on WeChat. Never mind, in this post, we will give you the steps-by-steps guide to show you how to make video calls on WeChat. Continue reading “How to Make a Video Call on WeChat”

[Fixed] “Unfortunately WeChat Has Stopped”

fix-unfortunately-wechat-has-stoppedIf you are the WeChat Android users, you may have encountered the “Unfortunately WeChat Has Stopped” problem. This means the application no longer works properly. There are many reasons why the error suddenly pops up. If you take the time to research the error code that comes with the message, then you’ll know what’s behind the problem. WeChat error code process, for example, has something to do with the code you need to use during registration. It is possible that the verification process wasn’t very successful. If you hope to figure out how to fix “Unfortunately WeChat Has Stopped” problem of WeChat on Android, keep on reading. Continue reading “[Fixed] “Unfortunately WeChat Has Stopped””