How to Change WeChat Group Name

btcqz2vd1ys8qe08uua“My daughter created a WeChat group for our family, but i want to change the name of this WeChat group. Anyone can show you how to change WeChat group name?”

More and more people are joining WeChat, and most of them have add some WeChat groups. When it’s the group from our family or friends, we may want to change the WeChat group name with more meaningful name, so we’ll need to to revise our WeChat group name. Now follow below steps and change your WeChat group name.

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[Fixed]Couldn’t Access WeChat Pay

kj4t0_f3uyy73e23xf85“I have finished set up WeChat wallet, but i couldn’t access my WeChat pay. Anyone has this kind of issue? How could i fix couldn’t access WeChat pay issue?”

As many people are feedback this kind of issue, so we want to show you some news about it. Right now, WeChat wallet is only available to WeChat users who register it in mainland China, HongKong and South Africa. So when your WeChat account is registered outside those three places, WeChat wallet won’t be available for you, so you couldn’t access WeChat pay even you have set up it on your WeChat. Continue reading “[Fixed]Couldn’t Access WeChat Pay”

Set WeChat Conversation at the Top of Chatting Page

t_9h1_z6hfp304ro0ej“I want to set my best WeChat friends chat log at the top of my chatting page, anyone can show me how to set WeChat conversation at the top of chatting page?”

When we set some WeChat conversation at the top of our chatting page, we can always find them out very quickly, as it’s on the top screen. So when you have some important WeChat contacts and want to set them at the top of our screen, you can follow below steps and have a try. Continue reading “Set WeChat Conversation at the Top of Chatting Page”

How to Add New WeChat Friends?

5l56fbaxj4_cuimthy“I don’t want to post my daily life on other chat apps now, as most of my new friends are on WeChat. How could i add new WeChat friends? As i want to add my old friends from other chat apps on it.”

WeChat is one of the most popular chat apps now, more and more people are using it to share their daily life and communicate with their friends. When we need to add some old friends or make some new friends, you can check below page and learn some methods about how to add new WeChat friends. Continue reading “How to Add New WeChat Friends?”

View WeChat Recall Messages one Month ago on iPhone

jd5uqvfb8ozeu1l9526vMost of us may know that we can view our recent WeChat recall messages from iPhone notification, but what about old WeChat recall messages? how could we view WeChat recall messages one month ago on iPhone?

WeChat recall messages are some deleted WeChat messages, so we couldn’t view them from our WeChat chat history. But does it mean that we couldn’t view our old WeChat recall messages on iPhone? No, there is still a way can help us with it by using third-party iOS data recovery software for help, like iRefone. Continue reading “View WeChat Recall Messages one Month ago on iPhone”

How to Transfer WeChat Audio Messages to iPhone X

88kx1ic4wmqln8j“Now I want to transfer my WeChat audio messages to my new iPhone X, how could I do it?”

WeChat audio messages are widely used right now to communicate with our friends and family, it can help us save some time and listen to some familiar voice. Also some people couldn’t see the content without listening them, now how could we keep those messages when we change our iPhone or phones? Here we’ll learn some tips about how to transfer WeChat audio messages to iPhone X. Continue reading “How to Transfer WeChat Audio Messages to iPhone X”

How to Know Someone Has Blocked You on WeChat

know-someone-has-blocked-you-on-wechatIf you ask what is the most embarrassing thing when you are using on WeChat, most people will answer that someone has blocked you and you even did not know. It’s not always immediately obvious if your friend has done this, there are a few things that you can do to tell for sure if someone has given you the cold shoulder on WeChat.

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A Quick Guide to Setting up WeChat Wallet or Ailpay

set-up-wechat-wallet-and-alipayIn China, no matter WeChat Pay or Ailpay is popular and has become a part of daily life. If you are new to WeChat Pay or Ailpay and want to know how to set up WeChat wallet or Ailpay, in this post, we will introduce the details to do it.
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How to Push WeChat Content to WeChat

push-content-on-wechatWhat’s is WeChat push content? Do you know how to push content to WeChat?

When related to push content to WeChat, we can also consider it as some contents pushed by WeChat official account, like articles, texts, photos ect. Usually it’s business action, they push their marketing or products to people, and make people know more about them. Now do you want to puch your own articles to WeChat? Now in this article, we’ll focus on teach you how to push content to WeChat, read it and learn more. Continue reading “How to Push WeChat Content to WeChat”