[News]Last Quest For WeChat To Become All-in-one App: An Electronic Identity Card

wechat-electronic-identity-cardIn the near future, people can bring literally nothing, but their smartphones with them when going outside.

Alipay and WeChat, two of the most widely-used Apps in China, have recently implemented an electronic identity card function on their App. This means that people don’t have to keep the physical identity card with them all the time and can simply show the electronic identity cards on Alipay/WeChat App to authenticate their identities. Continue reading “[News]Last Quest For WeChat To Become All-in-one App: An Electronic Identity Card”

[News]WeChat Targeted Self-service Advertising Offering

wechat-targeted-self-service-advertising-offeringTencent launched the upgraded version of a service that allows WeChat advertisers to book campaigns themselves in a more targeted, transparent way.

In a move that puts the self-service ad system more in competition with Facebook’s, WeChat’s Official Accounts platform will enable brands to choose the exact accounts they want to target.

It also enables users to place orders through the ads, process payments and track ad performance. Continue reading “[News]WeChat Targeted Self-service Advertising Offering”

[News]WeChat Made A Drone To Capture And Stream Footage to Friend

wechat-droneTencent, the maker of WeChat, has unveiled a new drone with the sole purpose of streaming video directly to the messaging app.

The Ying drone, which boasts over 800 million active users. The dron’e camera can capture 4K video and will stream at 720p HD quality. Continue reading “[News]WeChat Made A Drone To Capture And Stream Footage to Friend”

Tencent Creates a New App Service to Support WeChat

new-app-service-to-support-wechatAccording to the news of Yibada, Tencent, the creator of WeChat, announced recently that they have started developing another service to support the famous messenger app. This service is called Xiaochengxu.

It provides tools for businesses to build sub-apps within WeChat. Users can now make services simpler to use without leaving the messenger.

The new WeChat app becomes an operating system because users would not need to leave to use other mobile apps. Continue reading “Tencent Creates a New App Service to Support WeChat”

[News]WeChat Rabbit will Start in Its Own Movie

tuzkiAccording to the Guardian reports, the famous emoji rabbit in WeChat will get its own movie.

Tuzki, the animated emoji rabbit, it to be made into a blockbuster cartoon movie by the team behind Warcraft. The film, to be released in 2018, is one of 20 projects in production from Tencent Pictures, the studio wing of the tech giant which owns WeChat.
Continue reading “[News]WeChat Rabbit will Start in Its Own Movie”

iOS 10’s Siri Can Access WeChat And More Third-Party Apps Through “Long-Overdue” Integration

siri-can-access-wechatWith the release of iPhone 7/7 Plus which running on iOS 10, it is expected to come with a number of new features and changes. With the announcement of iOS 10 at WWDC this summer, the new mobile operating system for Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices is going to sport an enhanced version of Siri. One of the feature is that it supports for third-party application integration which allows users finally get to use the virtual assistant when accessing or using third-party apps. Continue reading “iOS 10’s Siri Can Access WeChat And More Third-Party Apps Through “Long-Overdue” Integration”

[News]WeChat is Widely Used in Business in China

wechat-businessAs the No. 1 social media app, WeChat is used by people to connect with families and friends. Now, this app is also commonly used as the corporate communicate tools. Except sending instant messages, posting personal events, WeChat also provide the functions like riding hailing, buying movie tickets, sending payments, settling utility bills and online shopping. Continue reading “[News]WeChat is Widely Used in Business in China”