[News]Bill Gates Joins China’s Popular App WeChat

gates-join-wechatThis week, the Microsoft co-founder and multibillionaire philanthropist Bill Gates is join WeChat to reach an even bigger audience.

The billionaire posted a 30-second video on his official account “gatesnotes” with a short sentence in Chinese welcoming viewers and describing in English the channel’s focus, which Gates said will act as a personal blog with posts about the books he is reading and other thoughts. The video has accumulated more than 100,000 views and 23,300 likes as of February 15. Continue reading “[News]Bill Gates Joins China’s Popular App WeChat”

[News]WeChat Allows Users to Gift Starbucks Coffee to Friends in China

wechat-say-it-with-starbucksOn Friday, it was revealed that Starbucks had established a Valentine’s Day partnership with Tencent, the company behind the popular messaging app WeChat. With this new collaboration, Chinese WeChat users will be able to gift a cup of joe via text, which is named “Say it with Starbucks.” That’s a play on words, since the phrase in Chinese sounds similar to “say it with your heart.” Continue reading “[News]WeChat Allows Users to Gift Starbucks Coffee to Friends in China”

[News]WeChat and AliPay Released Red Pocket for Chinese New Year

wechat-and-alipay-released-red-pocket-for-chinese-new-yearGiving Red Pocket is the traditional Chinese custom of Chinese New Year. Three years ago, Alibaba and Tencent launched virtual Red Pocket in a bid to attract customers to their online mobile payment platforms.

But, this year, Tencent’s WeChat and Alibaba’s Aliplay have upped the ante with the introduction of AR Red Pocket, in the style of Pokémon Go. Continue reading “[News]WeChat and AliPay Released Red Pocket for Chinese New Year”

[News]Hugo Boss Launches WeChat Virtual Shopping Experience

hugo-boss-launches-wechat-virtual-shopping-experienceGerman fashion brand Hugo Boss recently launched a whimsical holiday campaign introducing a set of quirky new brand ambassadors, the “Bossbots.” The “Your Time to Shine” WeChat campaign plunged users into a virtual reality experience designed to highlight the Hugo Boss holiday collection, collect valuable user data, and identify the most influential users on the official account by observing sharing trends. Continue reading “[News]Hugo Boss Launches WeChat Virtual Shopping Experience”

WeChat, No Longer Tell Users When it Censors Messages

censors-wechat-messagesUsers of WeChat have stopped being informed when their messages are being censored in a move that further erodes users privacy, according to a new report from Citizen Lab.

Tencent, the $232 billion dollar giant that operates WeChat, has always practiced forms of censorship on its users — that’s an inevitable part of running a popular online service in China — but at some point in recent years it ceased informing users when their messages were blocked. In the past, the app would notify users when a message they intended to send wasn’t delivered because it was controversial, such as references to free speech groups or the Tiananmen Square massacre. Now, however, censored messages are simply not delivered with no notification for either sender or recipient. Continue reading “WeChat, No Longer Tell Users When it Censors Messages”

[News]McDonald’s South Africa Pilots QR Code Mobile Payments with WeChat

mcdonald-south-africa-pilots-qr-code-mobile-payments-with-wechatMcDonald’s South Africa pilots QR code mobile payments with WeChat. It is piloting a mobile payment service at select restaurants in Johannesburg and Cape Town using social messaging app WeChat Africa, enabling customers to complete purchases by presenting QR codes generated by the app at the point of sale.

To mark the launch of Quick Pay, WeChat is also giving the first 20,000 McDonald’s customers 50% cashback when using the service to pay for their meal. Continue reading “[News]McDonald’s South Africa Pilots QR Code Mobile Payments with WeChat”

[News]Last Quest For WeChat To Become All-in-one App: An Electronic Identity Card

wechat-electronic-identity-cardIn the near future, people can bring literally nothing, but their smartphones with them when going outside.

Alipay and WeChat, two of the most widely-used Apps in China, have recently implemented an electronic identity card function on their App. This means that people don’t have to keep the physical identity card with them all the time and can simply show the electronic identity cards on Alipay/WeChat App to authenticate their identities. Continue reading “[News]Last Quest For WeChat To Become All-in-one App: An Electronic Identity Card”

[News]WeChat Targeted Self-service Advertising Offering

wechat-targeted-self-service-advertising-offeringTencent launched the upgraded version of a service that allows WeChat advertisers to book campaigns themselves in a more targeted, transparent way.

In a move that puts the self-service ad system more in competition with Facebook’s, WeChat’s Official Accounts platform will enable brands to choose the exact accounts they want to target.

It also enables users to place orders through the ads, process payments and track ad performance. Continue reading “[News]WeChat Targeted Self-service Advertising Offering”

[News]WeChat Made A Drone To Capture And Stream Footage to Friend

wechat-droneTencent, the maker of WeChat, has unveiled a new drone with the sole purpose of streaming video directly to the messaging app.

The Ying drone, which boasts over 800 million active users. The dron’e camera can capture 4K video and will stream at 720p HD quality. Continue reading “[News]WeChat Made A Drone To Capture And Stream Footage to Friend”

Tencent Creates a New App Service to Support WeChat

new-app-service-to-support-wechatAccording to the news of Yibada, Tencent, the creator of WeChat, announced recently that they have started developing another service to support the famous messenger app. This service is called Xiaochengxu.

It provides tools for businesses to build sub-apps within WeChat. Users can now make services simpler to use without leaving the messenger.

The new WeChat app becomes an operating system because users would not need to leave to use other mobile apps. Continue reading “Tencent Creates a New App Service to Support WeChat”