[News]Tipping WeChat Content Creator returns to iOS and Android

tipping-wechat-content-creator-returns-to-ios-and-androidWeChat has over 10 million content creators on its platform — and this week, many of them are rejoicing over the return of one app feature: Tipping. Tencent blocked the function in the iOS version of WeChat in April 2017 after Apple found it was at odds with its in-app purchasing rules. Continue reading “[News]Tipping WeChat Content Creator returns to iOS and Android”

[News]iRefone-WeChat Data Recovery Software Children’s Day Sale

irefone-children-day-promotionFun things to do with the kids this Children’s Day! Good news for celebrating this holiday with all of you, the superb iPhone WeChat data recovery tool, iRefone is on sale. Continue reading “[News]iRefone-WeChat Data Recovery Software Children’s Day Sale”

[News]WeChat is Developing a Voice Version for Drivers

wechat-voice-version-for-driversTencent Holdings said it was working on a voice-operated version of its popular WeChat social app for use in vehicles, a move that would extend the platform’s content and services to millions of drivers on the road. Continue reading “[News]WeChat is Developing a Voice Version for Drivers”

[News]WeChat Apologize for Translating “Black Foreigner” as N-Word

wechat-apologizeWeChat, the Chinese messaging app, has apologised for translating “black foreigner” into the N-word.

It was noticed by Ann James, a black American director and actor who featured in China’s highest-grossing film ever, this summer’s Wolf Warrior 2. Continue reading “[News]WeChat Apologize for Translating “Black Foreigner” as N-Word”

[News]WeChat Changes Splash Screen from NASA’s Earth Photo to Chinese Satellite Replica

newsChinese messaging app WeChat dominates its domestic market, as its would-be foreign competitors are often blocked in China. Today, WeChat has removed what could be considered its most “American” feature: a famous photo of Earth called Blue Marble taken from outer space in 1972 by NASA. For years, the image was prominently displayed on the app’s start screen, but WeChat is replacing NASA’s photo with one taken by a Chinese satellite. Both images are Photoshopped to have the silhouette of a human standing before the Earth. Continue reading “[News]WeChat Changes Splash Screen from NASA’s Earth Photo to Chinese Satellite Replica”

[News]WeChat is Creating its Own VR Platform

wechat-vrWeChat, known in China as the app that offers everything from messaging to a ubiquitous payment service, is getting its own augmented reality framework; at over 963 million active users, the popular Chinese app could put AR in the hands (and minds) in more than just the mobile tech savvy. Continue reading “[News]WeChat is Creating its Own VR Platform”

[News]New Regulations for WeChat Groups

wechat-group-messagesThere have been some new regulations regarding the management of WeChat groups. All those businesses and hobby group creators will now need to regulate the conduct of their chat groups in accordance with the new regulations from the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) as of October 8th but there have already been reports of groups administrators facing suspension from social media. Continue reading “[News]New Regulations for WeChat Groups”

[News]WeChat Mini Program Launches Advertising Bidding for “Mini Programs Nearby”

wechat-mini-programWeChat has released a new feature for its mini programs—bidding for ad space in the “Mini Programs Nearby” list (in Chinese). Now open for internal testing, the function is still in closed beta and is only available through a mini program interface, not on the WeChat social advertising platform Guangdiantong. Continue reading “[News]WeChat Mini Program Launches Advertising Bidding for “Mini Programs Nearby””

[News]Apple Accepts WeChat Pay in China

apple-accepts-wechat-payIn a statement sent to multiple Chinese media outlets today, Apple said iPhone and iPad users in China can now use WeChat Pay as a payment method for App Store and Apple Music purchases.

“We are glad to offer users in mainland China the option of WeChat Pay for their favorite mobile app or Apple Music products. We continue to be dedicated to provide multiple simple and convenient payment methods for customers within the Apple ecosystem,” Apple said in an official statement today. Continue reading “[News]Apple Accepts WeChat Pay in China”

[News]Has WeChat inspired a super app revolution?

newsThough initially popular for voice messaging, WeChat has rapidly expanded. Perhaps modelling itself after Facebook, its first addition was a news feed with updates from friends. Soon after, it began to include other functions. WeChat Pay, for example, allows users to send money to one another and pay vendors directly from their mobile phones. Continue reading “[News]Has WeChat inspired a super app revolution?”