Change WhatsApp Conversation Wallpaper

6rm_xnrizue1is227ei“As we know we can change WeChat chat wallpaper, is it possible for us to change WhatsApp chat background?”

When you’re using WhatsApp a lot and want to customize your WhatsApp chat background, you can follow this page, and we’ll show you some methods about how to change WhatsApp chat background on your Android phone or iPhone.
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set strangers can see last 10 WeChat posts

ukdiutskwrz4d849fdy“Due to some reasons, i deleted one of my old WeChat friends, and she deleted my as well. But i know her WeChat ID, so i can search her WeChat ID. One day i found out that i can still see her latest ten posts. Now i also want to set my WeChat with strangers can see ten posts on my WeChat, anyone can help me with it?”

By default, strangers can see ten latest WeChat posts on our WeChat, and some people may want to protect their private information, they will disable this feature. And also there are some people they may want to enable this feature. Now from this article, we’ll show you some methods about how to set strangers can see ten posts on WeChat, read it and learn more.
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WeChat Shake Doesn’t Work

vvjh44qoo13plab_yv1We all know there are many feature on WeChat, here we’ll introduce you one of them, which is named WeChat Shake.

We usually use WeChat shake to add some WeChat friends who is also shaking their phone or iPhone through WeChat, And sometimes our WeChat shake may just doesn’t work, what to do when your WeChat shake doesn’t work? Now you can also find some solutions from this article.


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Backup WeChat Data on iPhone SE 2

9t1l2g6xss03jhujtnjf_%e5%89%af%e6%9c%acWhen you’re using WeChat on your iPhone SE 2 for a while, there may be many WeChat data you need to keep them safe. So from this article, we’ll show you some methods about how to backup your WeChat data on iPhone SE 2.

iPhone SE 2 is the second generation of iPhone SE, which was released in 2016 and get a great success. Now when iPhone SE 2 released, many people are getting one. So if you’re also using it, please take some time and read this article to learn some information about how to save your WeChat data on iPhone SE 2. Continue reading “Backup WeChat Data on iPhone SE 2”

How to Change WeChat Group Name

btcqz2vd1ys8qe08uua“My daughter created a WeChat group for our family, but i want to change the name of this WeChat group. Anyone can show you how to change WeChat group name?”

More and more people are joining WeChat, and most of them have add some WeChat groups. When it’s the group from our family or friends, we may want to change the WeChat group name with more meaningful name, so we’ll need to to revise our WeChat group name. Now follow below steps and change your WeChat group name.

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