Is it Possible to Recover Wiped WeChat Data on iPhone

recover-wiped-wechat-data-on-iphone“I wiped part of my WeChat data on my iPhone. Is it possible to recover these wiped WeChat messages from iPhone. It would be better to share the detailed steps.”

You may also have the same situation that wiped some important WeChat Contacts and Messages. Once you find some WeChat data in your iPhone are wiped, the first thing is to turn on Airplane ,ode just in case lost data being wiped and overwritten again, Then you can use some third-party software to help you recover these wiped WeChat data on iPhone. Continue reading “Is it Possible to Recover Wiped WeChat Data on iPhone”

Recover Lost WeChat Messages after Updating to iOS 11

recover-lost-wechat-messages-after-updating-to-ios-11“I lost some wechat messages after updating my iPhone 7 to iOS 11. Most of these lost messages are useless expect one message that I received from my teacher. Is it possible that I can get back these lost wechat messages? If so, how can I do it?”

Lost some chat history in messaging App after updating to iOS system upgrade is the common situation. Like the above users, you may lost some WeChat messages after updating to the coming iOS 11. When you are having this problem, is it possible to recover lost WeChat messages after updating to iOS 11? Continue reading “Recover Lost WeChat Messages after Updating to iOS 11”

How to Restore WeChat Media Files on iPhone

“I deleted some WeChat media files on my iPhone and found that these photos and videos are important for me. Is it possible to restore wechat media files on iPhone and can someone guide me how?”

restore-wechat-media-files-on-iphoneNowadays, WeChat is popular used for communication like sending and receiving instant messaging, free videos, photos. Sometimes, for saving iPhone space or data security, you may deleted these media content files on your iPhone. But accidents may happen of deleting important media files that you want to know to recover deleted WeChat media files. Don’t worry, this article will guide you how to restore WeChat media files on iPhone. Before we start to restore WeChat media files, bear in mind that you need to have iPhone backup. Continue reading “How to Restore WeChat Media Files on iPhone”

How Can I Extract WeChat Photos from Red iPhone 7

extract-wechat-photos-from-red-iphone-7“My friends shared a lot of photos of his board life on WeChat. And I have the demand to extract these WeChat photos from my red iphone 7 to computer. I do not hope to save them one by one as it is time-consuming. How can I extract these photos?”

The Red iPhone 7 has been released for weeks, and have you got the one? The question here is clearly that how to extract WeChat photos from red iPhone 7. Usually, when using WeChat app to communicate with others, the most meaningful data is messages and photos. Thus, most people want to extract WeChat photos from Red iPhone 7. Continue reading “How Can I Extract WeChat Photos from Red iPhone 7”

How to Recover Lost WeChat Contacts after Updating to iOS 10.3

recover-wechat-contacts-after-updating-to-ios-10-3“After my iPhone update to iOS 10.3, my wechat contacts gone all. I am seeking ways to get them back. Could you please teach me how to do? Thank you.”

Are you facing the same problem as above user that lost WeChat Contacts after updating to iOS 10.3? Although iOS system upgrade is safe, part of users may suffer from data loss problem after updating to iOS 10.3. If you lost WeChat Contacts, it would be anonymously. For users who are having this peoblem, never mind, this post will show you how to recover lost WeChat Contacts after your iPhone update to iOS 10.3 whether you have backup or not with a professional WeChat data recovery tool. Continue reading “How to Recover Lost WeChat Contacts after Updating to iOS 10.3”

How to Recover iPhone Deleted WeChat Messages on Mac

recover-deleted-wechat-messages-on-mac“I deleted some WeChat messages on my iPhone and now I need these lost messages. I searched online and most recovery software could be perform on Windows. I am using Mac. How to recover iPhone deleted WeChat messages on Mac?”

WeChat is a popular cross-platform messaging and calling application. The more you use the WeChat app, the more risk that you would lost these messages on it. When it comes to recover deleted WeChat messages on iPhone, if you have iPhone backup, you could choose to restore from iPhone backup directly. Continue reading “How to Recover iPhone Deleted WeChat Messages on Mac”

How to Perform WeChat Messages Recovery on iPad

perform-wechat-messages-recovery-on-ipad“I clean entire threads of WeChat messages to free up space in my iPad. I though I took a backup and continued with the deletion process. After a while, I realized that I made a mistake. Is there a way to perform WeChat messages recovery on iPad?”

WeChat has become more and more popular just as WhatsApp. We often come across a situation where we lost WeChat messages accidentally or unintentionally. Luckily, technological advancement now helps in recovering the lost or deleted WeChat messages with ease. Continue reading “How to Perform WeChat Messages Recovery on iPad”

Restore WeChat Contacts from iCloud after Factory Reset

restore-wechat-contacts-from-icloud-after-factory-reset“Initially I know that my WeChat contacts going to lost when I decide to do factory reset my iPhone. I backed up my data to iCloud for data lost, but I don’t know how to restore these WeChat contacts from iCloud backup. Can anyone help me?”

Apparently, when come to factory reset is basically reset your whole iPhone, including all your data inside. Before factory reset, many people would choose to backup data to iTunes or iCloud. However, some people like above user may have the trouble that do not know how to restore WeChat Contacts from iCloud backup after factory reset. Continue reading “Restore WeChat Contacts from iCloud after Factory Reset”

Retrieve Lost WeChat Chat Conversation on Red iPhone 7

retrieve-lost-wechat-chat-conversation-on-red-iphone-7“I have WeChat installed on my red iPhone 7 and I need to get back a chat conversation I lost. Any advice?”

Red iPhone 7 has been released recently and many people choose to update from old iPhone to the new red iPhone 7 to experience the new device. The most troublesome problem for iPhone users is the data safety problem, such as lost WeChat chat conversation. So is there any way to retrieve lost WeChat chat conversation from red iPhone 7? How to retrieve red iPhone 7 lost WeChat messages? Continue reading “Retrieve Lost WeChat Chat Conversation on Red iPhone 7”