How to Backup and Restore WeChat Messages on Android

backup-and-restore-wechat-messages-on-androidMost of us know the importance of backup WeChat data as you may accidentally deleted or lost them, or you are just hope to free up your phone. And in past posts, we have introduce the method of how to backup and restore wechat messages on iPhone. In today’s post, we would share you the methods to backup WeChat messages on Android. Continue reading “How to Backup and Restore WeChat Messages on Android”

How to Backup WeChat Media Files on Web WeChat and iDevice

backup-wechat-media-filesWeChat allows users to send and receive media files like photos, videos. Besides, it also allow users to use WeChat on both mobile phone and computer. However, these media files can be expired and you may accidentally delete them. Many people have the demand to backup these WeChat media files. In this post we will go through the methods for you to backup media files on Web wechat as well as iOS device. Keep on reading to follow our steps. Continue reading “How to Backup WeChat Media Files on Web WeChat and iDevice”

How to Backup WeChat Contacts to PC Including These Deleted?

backup-wechat-contacts-from-iphone-to-pc“There are some contacts on my WeChat that I need to backup to my PC. It is good if these deleted contacts also can be backed up. Is it possible and how can I do it?”

Most people use WeChat on their device. But for those people who use WeChat for business, it is better to chat with others on computer. Then you may have the demands to backup WeChat Contacts to PC. The above user even hope to backup these deleted WeChat contacts? Continue reading “How to Backup WeChat Contacts to PC Including These Deleted?”

How to Extract WeChat Photos In Bunk Out of iPhone

extract-wechat-photos-in-bunk-out-of-iphoneWeChat is one of the necessary app for iPhone to communicate with others. Many people use the software to receive and share interesting photos. Once you get these photos you may hope to save them. Thus, how to extract WeChat photos in bunk out of iPhone? With the help of iRefone, nothing need to worry. Continue reading “How to Extract WeChat Photos In Bunk Out of iPhone”

Back up WeChat Contacts List on iPhone 8 to PC

Learn a simple way to back up WeChat Contacts on iPhone 8 to PC. 

backup-iphone-wechat-contactsI’m hunting for a way to backup WeChat Contacts list on my iPhone 8. Searching high and low, a solution turns out for me.

To get back your WeChat group contacts, I applied iRefone, which is a professional iOS data recovery software. It’s designed to help us recover as well as backup more than 16 kinds of files, including contacts, notes, messages, photos, reminders, calendars, call history, WeChat messages ect. At the same time, it can help us extract data from iTunes and iCloud backup selectively, and it can be compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod. Just download a right version to start backup process.  Continue reading “Back up WeChat Contacts List on iPhone 8 to PC”

Any Way to Save Videos from WeChat on iPhone

save-wechat-videoMy friend send me a video in Wechat. How to save video from Wechat on iPhone? Any suggestion?

Got some important WeChat videos on iPhone and you may want to save them to your iPhone, computer or share them on other apps. Now in this article, we will show the different ways you can do that. Continue reading “Any Way to Save Videos from WeChat on iPhone”

Extract WeChat Data from Dead iPhone

“My iPhone 7 couldn’t be turnedbud8zd8d7hylc7bhfm1_%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac on this morning even i have charged it, and my friends said that my iPhone is dead. But i need my WeChat data and keep them safe, how could i extract WeChat data from dead iPhone?”

When our iPhone is dead, we couldn’t backup our iPhone data with iCloud. But we can sync our iPhone data with iTunes or with third-party software. Now from this article, we’ll show you those two methods about how to extract WeChat data from dead iPhone. Continue reading “Extract WeChat Data from Dead iPhone”

Backup WeChat Group Contacts on iPhone iPad

6q3de9az4l7r91an“In case WeChat group owner dismiss our WeChat groups, or some WeChat group contacts quit our WeChat groups, i want to keep those WeChat group contacts safe. So the best way is to backup those WeChat group contacts on iPhone iPad, anyone has any ideas?”

It’s a great idea when we don’t want to add every WeChat group contacts as our WeChat contacts, and also we don’t want to lose their WeChat ID, so we’d better backup them. Now we’ll introduce you powerful iOS data backup and recovery software iRefone. Continue reading “Backup WeChat Group Contacts on iPhone iPad”

How Can I Transfer WeChat Data from iPhone 8 to PC

transfer-iphone-8-wechat-data-to-computerThere are many reasons for you to transfer WeChat data from your iPhone 8 to the computer. One is to free up your iPhone space, the other is to have a backup of them to avoid complete data loss. Actually, no matter what kind of reason you have, as long as you want to import WeChat data from iPhone (in iOS 8 or later) to PC (running Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 or Windows 7), there is a completely free iOS data transfer tool to help you make it easily and quickly, which is iRefone. Read on to get more details about iRefone and learn how it can help you. Continue reading “How Can I Transfer WeChat Data from iPhone 8 to PC”

Download WeChat Images to Computer Before Updating iPhone 7 to iOS 11

download-wechat-images-from-iphon-7-to-computer“I decide to update my iPhone 7 to the latest iOS 11. Before upgrade, I hope to download my images in WeChat app to my computer. Is there any easy way for me to do it easily? Can some one show me the detailed steps?”

As the social messaing app, many people use WeChat to chat with others. Besides text and audio messages, there are must some images storaged on your iPhone. Just like above user, you may need to download and transfer these WeChat images on iPhone 7 to your computer before updating to iOS 11. In this post, we will show you the method to do it with ease. Continue reading “Download WeChat Images to Computer Before Updating iPhone 7 to iOS 11”