[News]Google Launched AI Games on WeChat

google-launch-game-in-wechatAlphabet’s Google announced on Wednesday that it has launched an artificial intelligence game on Tencent’s WeChat.

The game, named Caihua Xiaoge in Chinese, is similar to Google’s web game “Quick, Draw!”, which requires players to draw a simple sketch of the named object in a limited time of 20 seconds. This game is based on Google’s AI image recognition technology, and is a WeChat “mini app”, which works only within WeChat. Continue reading “[News]Google Launched AI Games on WeChat”

How to Backup and Restore WeChat Messages on Android

backup-and-restore-wechat-messages-on-androidMost of us know the importance of backup WeChat data as you may accidentally deleted or lost them, or you are just hope to free up your phone. And in past posts, we have introduce the method of how to backup and restore wechat messages on iPhone. In today’s post, we would share you the methods to backup WeChat messages on Android. Continue reading “How to Backup and Restore WeChat Messages on Android”

Failed to Update to iOS 12 and Lost WeChat Contacts

recover-lost-wechat-contacts-after-ios-12-update“I try to update my iPhone to iOS 12. But the update failed and I found that lost wechat contacts on my iPhone. Is it possible to get back my lost wechat contacts again? How can I do it?”

With the release of iOS 12, many people would choose to update to the latest version. But accidents may happen from time to time. Just like the above users, you may lost some WeChat Contacts if you failed the upgrade. Luckily, there is the chance to save these lost Contacts, In this post, we will show you the methods to do it. Continue reading “Failed to Update to iOS 12 and Lost WeChat Contacts”

How to Fix WeChat Fails to Send Files

wechat-fails-send-files“When I try to send a word file to my boss in WeChat, but it told me send fail. What happened? I used to send files successfully. Can someone help me solve my problem?”

WeChat app is popular among users as it allows to share files like photos, videos, words, excels, etc. But sometimes you may suffer from the trouble as above user that fails to send files. If you are in the trouble and now you are in the right place. In this post, we will analyze the reasons that cause this trouble and give you some solutions. Keep on reading. Continue reading “How to Fix WeChat Fails to Send Files”

[News]Tencent’s WeChat is host to 1 million Mini-programs

wechat-mini-programMini programs are helping to boost customer retention on WeChat, which has 1 billion users globally.

Mini programs refer to applications smaller than 10 megabytes that can run instantly on WeChat’s interface. They offer speed of access to users because they do not have to be downloaded from an app store but can run from within WeChat on any operating system. Continue reading “[News]Tencent’s WeChat is host to 1 million Mini-programs”

iPhone Lost! How to Get Back WeChat Chat History

get-back-lost-iphone-wechat-chat-history“My iPhone lost and how can I access WeChat history in the stolen iPhone?”

iPhone lost is the common problem. It is terrible to lost iPhone as you will lost data on iPhone as well. Just like the above user, once you lost your iPhone, you may hope to recover data like WeChat chat history. In this post, we will show you how to get back lost WeChat chat history when iPhone lost. Continue reading “iPhone Lost! How to Get Back WeChat Chat History”

How to Sync WeChat to SD Card

sync-wechat-to-sd-cardWeChat application is convenient to chat with others so that more and more people choose to use it. It enables to share photos, videos, audios, etc. Once there are many data on your WeChat, how can you handle these data? If you have no choice, sync WeChat to SD card is a good idea. In this post, we will show you the tutorial of how to sync WeChat to SD card.
Continue reading “How to Sync WeChat to SD Card”

[News]Businesses court Chinese tourists with WeChat, AliPay

1In China, billions of users pay for everything from food to tax bills with the mobile payments apps WeChat Pay and AilPay every day. Now, many Boston-area retailers are incorporating these services into their business plans to better target a surge of Chinese tourists. Continue reading “[News]Businesses court Chinese tourists with WeChat, AliPay”

How to Backup WeChat Media Files on Web WeChat and iDevice

backup-wechat-media-filesWeChat allows users to send and receive media files like photos, videos. Besides, it also allow users to use WeChat on both mobile phone and computer. However, these media files can be expired and you may accidentally delete them. Many people have the demand to backup these WeChat media files. In this post we will go through the methods for you to backup media files on Web wechat as well as iOS device. Keep on reading to follow our steps. Continue reading “How to Backup WeChat Media Files on Web WeChat and iDevice”

How Can I Recover Old WeChat History on iPhone

recover-old-wechat-history-on-iphone“There are some old wechat history on iPhone are missing. I cannot remember whether I deleted them or lost them. But now I need these old messages. How can I recover old wechat history on iPhone? Hope anyone can give me some help.” Continue reading “How Can I Recover Old WeChat History on iPhone”