Get Back Blocked WeChat Account

s3zuqmm4eu388981aqt2“I couldn’t log in my WeChat any more, and my friends day that my WeChat account is blocked, now could i get back my blocked WeChat account?”

When we do something violating WeChat rules, our WeChat account will be blocked. Now if your WeChat account is safe now, please not do anything against WeChat rules. And if your WeChat account have been blocked, you can follow below steps and get them back.

Get Back Blocked WeChat Account from WeChat Support

Firstly we can see how to get back blocked WeChat account from WeChat support, see below steps.

1.Go to WeChat Account Recovery page, and input your WeChat account.

2.Then choose your country and input your phone number, when get verification code, enter it and wait for your WeChat account be unlocked.

Unblock WeChat Account with New Password

Also we’ll need to make sure our WeChat app is downloaded from WeChat official site, and if it’s not, uninstall it and reinstall it from WeChat official site.

1.Now open WeChat, log in it with your WeChat ID and password.

2.Or you can click “WeChat Forgot Password” link on the login screen.

3.Then find and click “WeChat Security Center” button, and tap on “Unblock Account or Feature”. now follow its instruction and receive new password from your QQ, Email, SMS code ect.

4.After receiving new password, you can log in WeChat with it and try again.

Unblock WeChat Account Via Web

Also we can log in WeChat via web, see below steps and have a try.

1.Open browser on your PC and navigated to WeChat official site.

2.Also you can go to Account Recovery page and follow its instructions to have a try.

Remark: When you have lost or deleted some of your WeChat data on iPhone occasionally, or your WeChat account is blocked and you need to view some WeChat data, iRefone can help you with it.

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