How to Solve WeChat Verification Code Problem

how-to-solve-verification-code-problem“When I try to log in my WeChat, it needs me to enter the verification code. But I cannot receive the code after waiting for a long time. I tried it again and again, but always not. How can I figure it out?”

Verification code is the security way to protect your WeChat account when you try to login in your WeChat on other new device. But many people may suffer from the trouble that cannot receive the verification code. Never mind. In this post, we will walk you through the methods to solve WeChat verification code problem.

Confirm Country Code and Phone Number

First of all, please confirm that the country/region you selected for your phone number country code is correct, as well as the phone number to receive the verification code is correct. It is unnecessary to enter the country code again when entering the phone number.

Check Phone Messages

Make sure that your phone could receive messages. You could use other device to send a message to the phone you used to receive the verification code, and check if it can be received.

Clear WeChat Data

Sometimes, the cache of WeChat data would delay the receive of verification code. So, clear your WeChat data to have a try. Go to Settings > General > WeChat on your iPhone. Find the option “Clear Data” and all of the data on your WeChat will be deleted. Then try to log in WeChat again.

Turn off Anti-Virus Apps

In some situation, these anti-virus apps would block SMS messages from unknown senders. So, what you need to do is turn off the blocking feature from your anti-virus app temporarily and request another messages verification code. In other way, you could choose to “Verify via phone call”

Restart Phone

Some users also reflect that the problem could be solved by restarting the phone.

For iPhone: Press power button and hold on until it shows “Slide to close phone” option, slide to to close your iPhone. Then wait a few minutes, press power button and home button together and hold on, then Apple logo icon will show up on your home screen, and your iPhone will be open. Then try to log in your WeChat and try again.

For Android Phone: To close or open your phone, you just need to press power button until it closed or opened will be ok.

Uninstall and Re-install WeChat App

You can also have a try to uninstall the WeChat app and then download and install it again to check if you could receive the verification code.

Connect WeChat Support

If all of the method above cannot solve your problem, you need to contact WeChat suppor. There are various ways to do it. You can send a feedback on WeChat page of your OS app store or you can contact WeChat Staff via official website of the application. There’s also a contact mail of them on the site. It will be easier for you to fix your problem with sending an e-mail.

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