How to Backup WeChat Contacts to PC Including These Deleted?

backup-wechat-contacts-from-iphone-to-pc“There are some contacts on my WeChat that I need to backup to my PC. It is good if these deleted contacts also can be backed up. Is it possible and how can I do it?”

Most people use WeChat on their device. But for those people who use WeChat for business, it is better to chat with others on computer. Then you may have the demands to backup WeChat Contacts to PC. The above user even hope to backup these deleted WeChat contacts? Sound impossible? Here we have the good news for you. You can do it with iRefone!

Once you deleted these Contacts on your iPhone, they are just unreadable for you, but still in your device until the new date overwrite them. Thus there is still the chance to get back these deleted data. iRefone is the tool that not only can help you find these deleted WeChat Contacts, but also back up them to your PC.

-It supports to backup and recover nearly all of the data on your device including messages, notes, contacts, call history, whatsapp, wechat and more.

-It provides three recovery mode to get back data no matter you have backup or not.

-It enables you to recover data with few clicks

-100% safe without any data loss

Step 1. Run iRefone and connect your device with computer. Then the software will detect your device automatically. Click “Start” to start.

Step 2. Then click on the icon of “WeChat Contacts” to start scanning and analyzing the WeChat Contacts on your device.

Step 3. When the scanning is finished, all of the Contacts on your device will be displayed in the software, including these deleted Contacts. Preview these WeChat Contacts and pick out these Contacts you need to save on your computer, click on “Recover to PC” to backup them to your computer.

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