WeChat Shake Doesn’t Work

vvjh44qoo13plab_yv1We all know there are many feature on WeChat, here we’ll introduce you one of them, which is named WeChat Shake.

We usually use WeChat shake to add some WeChat friends who is also shaking their phone or iPhone through WeChat, And sometimes our WeChat shake may just doesn’t work, what to do when your WeChat shake doesn’t work? Now you can also find some solutions from this article.


Fix WeChat Shake Doesn’t Work Issue

Now when you have some problems with your WeChat shake feature, follow below steps and have a try.

1. Restart your phone or iPhone to have a try.

2. Check your Wifi connection or your cellular network.

3. Reinstall WeChat and log in it with your WeChat ID and password, then try again.

How to Use WeChat Shake Feature

For some new WeChat user, they may don’t know how to use WeChat shake feature, now see below steps and have a try.

1. Open WeChat on your phone or iPhone, log in it with your WeChat ID and Password.

2. Then go to “Discover” page, and you can see option “Shake”.

3. Click it and shake your phone or iPhone, then it will help us search some WeChat users who is also shaking their phone or iPhone.

4. You can click those WeChat user name and say hello to them or add them as WeChat friends.

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For detailed steps, you can refer to below article for checking:

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