Set up WeChat Wallet with Chinese Bank Card

048vdpbhf6jpkr_jvk7“WeChat pay seems very cool, and i also want to use it. But my friends tell me that i need to set up WeChat wallet with a Chinese bank card first, but i don’t have one. Is it possible for me to set up WeChat wallet without Chinese bank card?”

Many Chinese people are using WeChat pay to arrange payments for their goods and money transfer, what about WeChat users from other country? How could they set up WeChat wallet? Now follow below steps, and we’ll show you detailed information about how to do it.

How to Set up WeChat Wallet for Foreigners

Now we’ll see how to set up WeChat wallet for foreigners, before doing it, please make sure you have a WeChat account, Passport, A Chinese Bank Card, phone which has been linked with your bank card. Follow below steps.

1.Open WeChat on your phone or iPhone, log in it with your WeChat ID and password.

2.Then go to Me–Wallet–Cards, and now you can add your Chinese bank card information.

3.When you’re using international version of WeChat, you may couldn’t find WeChat wallet option on your WeChat. So you’d better change the language to Chinese. Now go to Me–Setting–General–Language, now revise it to Chinese.

4.Then you can input the information of your Chinese bank card, like Card No, type, name, verification code and payment password ect. When finish it, click “Done”, and it will be ok now.

How to Change WeChat Wallet Linked Bank

When you linked some old bank card, and now you want to change it with a new one, you can follow below steps. And before doing it, please make sure your WeChat payment account are not linked with a third-party company automatic payment.

1.Open WeChat on your phone or iPhone, log in it with your WeChat ID and password.

2.Then click green information sign to change your name in the adding a card page, when there is some error, it may be caused by messed up English translation, and you should change your language back to Chinese and continue it to finishing changing your bank card.

Now you may know how to use it now when you’re not a Chinese.

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