How to Change WeChat Group Name

btcqz2vd1ys8qe08uua“My daughter created a WeChat group for our family, but i want to change the name of this WeChat group. Anyone can show you how to change WeChat group name?”

More and more people are joining WeChat, and most of them have add some WeChat groups. When it’s the group from our family or friends, we may want to change the WeChat group name with more meaningful name, so we’ll need to to revise our WeChat group name. Now follow below steps and change your WeChat group name.

How to Change WeChat Group Name

1.Now open your phone or iPhone, log in WeChat with your WeChat ID and password.

2.Go to the chat log and find the WeChat group conversion.

3.Now click Contact image icon on the top right corner, and we’ll enter the new interface with all WeChat group members from this WeChat group.

4.Then scroll down to find the option “WeChat Group Name”, tap on it and edit the new one.

5.When finish it, click “Done”, and your WeChat group name will be changed.

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