How to Add New WeChat Friends?

5l56fbaxj4_cuimthy“I don’t want to post my daily life on other chat apps now, as most of my new friends are on WeChat. How could i add new WeChat friends? As i want to add my old friends from other chat apps on it.”

WeChat is one of the most popular chat apps now, more and more people are using it to share their daily life and communicate with their friends. When we need to add some old friends or make some new friends, you can check below page and learn some methods about how to add new WeChat friends.

Add New WeChat Friends with WeChat ID

When we need to add some old friends, we can contact them with other chat app and ask for their WeChat ID or QR code, or you can ask your common friends for their WeChat ID, then add them.

1.Open your WeChat, log in it with your Apple ID and password.

2.Go to Social/ Chat page, then click contact image icon on the top right corner.

3.Then find and click “Add by ID”, then input his WeChat ID and search it, and confirm with “Add” to add him.

Add New WeChat Friends with QR Code

If you’re together with your friends, and want to add her as WeChat friends, you can scan her WeChat QR code to add her.

1.The on you need to add WeChat friends should open her WeChat, and go to Me–Profile Photo–My QR code, then you can see her WeChat QR code.

2.Now log in your WeChat on your iPhone, and go to Me and find “Scan” feature, then scan her WeChat QR code, then you can add her as your WeChat contacts.

Add New WeChat Friends via Phone Number

When we have someone’s phone number and saved it on our phone contacts, we can add WeChat contacts via those phone number.

1.Log in WeChat, go to Social/Chat log, then tap on contact image icon on the right top corner.

2.Now click “Add by Phone Number” and input his phone number, then you can search his WeChat ID via it.

But it he doesn’t register his WeChat ID via this phone number, or he set his WeChat with settings that doesn’t allow people to add him via phone number, you will not add him via this method.

Add Strangers as WeChat Friends

When you need to know some new people and add them as WeChat friends, you can follow below methods and add some.

Shake Feature:

Now there is a shake feature on our WeChat, we can use it to add some new WeChat friends who are also shaking their phones.

1.Log in your WeChat, go to Me–Shake.

2.Then click “Shake”, and shake your phone, then you’ll get some greetings some others, or you can also send greetings to the one you’re interested in and add them as WeChat contacts.

Look Around Feature:

Also we can use “Look Around” feature to find some WeChat users who are near us.

1.Log in your WeChat, and go to Me/Social–Look Around.

2.Then click “Look Around” and wait a minute, then you can see some WeChat users who are near you. And you can find the one you’re interested in and add them as WeChat contacts.

Now how will you add some new WeChat friends? You can follow those methods and choose the one you need and have a try.

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