How to Set WeChat Moment Can Be Seen Only Latest Three Days

set-wechat-momemt-can-be-seen-only-latest-three-daysNowadays, WeChat Moment is the popular space for people to share their happiness, sadness, special moment, etc. These days, WeChat add the new feature which allows users to set their WeChat moment with the latest three days. Do you know about the feature? How can you set WeChat moment can be seen only latest three days?

In below post, we will teach you how to set WeChat moment with three days visible which makes you to say goodbye to your past.

Set WeChat Moment with Three Days Visible

1.Open your WeChat on iPhone, log in it with your WeChat ID and password.

2.Go to Me–Setting–Privacy, then scroll down to find the option “Limitation of WeChat Moment Can WeChat Friend See”.

3.Now you can see three option “Latest Three Days”, “Latest Half Year” and “All”.

4.Tap on “Latest Three Days” will be ok.

If you don’t want to set it with three days visible, you can also follow those steps and choose another two options.

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