Edit Photos Within WeChat on iPhone Before Sending Out

edit-photos-within-wechat-on-iphone-before-sending-outSending Photos within WeChat is popular and commonly used in the daily usage of WeChat. But many people may not know that no matter in WeChat Moment or WeChat Conversation, you could edit these photos before sending out. Now in this page, we’ll show you how to edit photos within WeChat on iPhone before sending out.

Part 1: Edit WeChat Conversation Photos Before Sending Out

If you want to send photos to other via WeChat app, but you want to add something on it and edit it before sending it to your friends, then you can follow below steps.

Before taping on “Send” button on the right bottom corner, you can see “Edit” button on the left bottom button, tap on “Edit” bottom button. Now you can add some texts, stickers, and some other things on it. When finish editing it, you can tap on “Send” button and send it to your friends.

Part 2: Edit WeChat Moment Photo Before Sending Out

For some people may prefer to post photos in WeChat moment with WeChat friends. With the latest version of WeChat, it allows users to edit WeChat moment photos before sending out. Keep below steps to do it.

go to WeChat Moment page, and tap on “Photo” image icon and add the photo you need to post, then tap on Edit and edit your photo styles, then click “Send”.


Additional Tip:

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