Tips to Manage WeChat Group Chat

tips-to-manage-wechat-group-chatOne of the attractive feature of WeChat is Group Chat. People use groups to chat with different circles of friends, send events and promotional news to potential customers, or share and discuss information related to our business or interests. Thus, it is important to manage WeChat group chats. Here are some tips about how to mange WeChat group chat.

Create WeChat Group Chat

Firstly, we should know how to create WeChat group chat.

Now go to WeChat chat page, press “+” button on the right top corner, and click “Create Group Chat”, then select the WeChat contacts with the one you need add to this WeChat group.

Then tap on “OK”, and it’ll be finished, and you can talk in this WeChat group.

WeChat Group Setting

Each WeChat group will have its leader, the leader will be the one who created this WeChat group. He can set the name of the group, and invite the WeChat contacts to this group, and he can also remove someone from this groups.

When the leader of the WeChat group quit the group, the second people on this WeChat group will be the leader.

QR Code

We can join the WeChat group by scanning its QR code, or we can be invited by WeChat group member.

And WeChat group member can also add some group members as their WeChat contacts by going to WeChat group member list, and find the one that you’re still not WeChat contacts.

Recover Deleted Group Chat

Due to some accidents, you may lost some WeChat group chats. In order to recover these deleted WeChat group messages, what you need is the professional iPhone WeChat data recovery software, iRefone. This tool helps you to recover deleted WeChat data directly from scanning your iOS devices, as well as iTunes and iCloud backup.

For detailed steps, you can refer to below article:

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