Best Features and Improvements Between WhatsApp, Line and WeChat

best-festures-and-improvements-between-whatsapp-line-and-wechatIn modern life, messaging apps have become an intricate part of our life as we are always connected with people. If one cannot live without constantly chatting with friends and family, downloading one of these apps is a must.

App stores will come with a lot of these apps but we strongly recommend using one of the three best ones out there which include the likes of WhatsApp, WeChat and last but definitely not least, Lime. This article has the goal of breaking them down in order to see which one will perfectly suit you in order to get the best experience possible.

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This amazing app is available for both Android and iOS platforms and one is able to send free messages, texts as well as videos and photos to contacts from anywhere in the world completely free of charge. This app comes with strong protection as the messages are encrypted from end to end as well as have some peace of mind as files are protected as well. Contacts are automatically synced as to be sure that everyone is within contact reach.


With WeChat, users can send messages to groups comprising a whopping 500 people as well as make voice and video calls. There are various ways of adding contacts to the app such as sending an email to them or via social media by scanning a QR code. This app is unique because it allows users and friends to play games together and compete in fitness challenges. The latest update for iOS enables those who use WeChat to use the Apple Music app and iTunes as well.


Line is an app which enjoys a whopping 600 million user base worldwide and not only is it a popular app but it is also convenient and sometimes a pleasure to use as chats can be customized by sending stickers. Many of them though are available for purchase within the app. Line also enables its users to add streaming services such Hulu and includes a Timeline feature similar to that encountered on Facebook where people can share whatever they want within the app.

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