How to Use Sight on WeChat

how-to-use-sight-on-wechatThere are some special and interesting moments in daily life that you may want to share with others. WeChat sight moment which provides the easy way for short videos sharing. The WeChat Sight allows you to capture and share six-second clips. In the previous post, we shared the method to recover lost WeChat on iPhone, however, some readers reflect that they did not familiar with WeChat sight well. If you are new about or want to know how to use Sight on WeChat, we will walk you through the steps in below guide.

How to Shoot Sight

You can access Sight with a swift pull-down of the main chat screen. Once the eye icon appears, you’ll be able to start recording your Sights. Simply press and hold the green video button to record, and release to send. You can then choose to share your video with friends through Moments, private chats, group chats, or just save it as a draft for later.


Pro-tip: if you double tap when shooting a Sight, you can zoom in and out.

How to Save Sight Draft

There will be times when you won’t want to publish your Sight right away. Luckily, Sights taken from the main screen can be saved in your drafts for up to 14 days. Just select the option “Save to Draft” after recording

To publish a saved Sight to Moments:

1. Click Discover > Moments

2. Tap the camera icon on the upper right hand corner

3. Select “Sight”

4. Choose from Sights


How to Share Sight within a Chat

To send a Sight to friends in an individual or group chat, press the + button, followed by clicking “Sight.” Press and hold to record and your six second video will be sent directly to the chat.

To publish a saved sight draft to chat:

1. Open a group chat or an individual chat

2. Tap the + button

3. Press the eye icon, “Sight”

4. Click the icon on bottom left corner with four squares and choose your Sight

5. Tap again to send


Have you got the method to use WeChat sight? So easy, right? Just have fun with Sight on WeChat.