Using Tips About WeChat Moments

using-tips-of-wechat-momentWeChat, not only the instant messaging app, but also the social connection tool. If you are the fan of WeChat, you must can’t miss the “Moment” function in it. In toady’s post, we will show you some using tips about WeChat Moment.

How to Share WeChat Moment

If you are new to the “Moment” function in WeChat and do not know how to do it, just follow these instructions:

1.Select Moment in Social tab.


2.Click the button on the upper right hand corner and select Take Photo.


3.Press and hold this button to send plain texts to your Moments when you just want to share your thoughts.


Tips to Share WeChat Moment

Below we will share you some useful using tips to help you use your WeChat “Moment” well.

Select Group of Friends to See your Moment

When sharing the moment in WeChat, you can also choose to whom, or which group of friends, you want to share that Moment with.

1. Go to Discover > Moments.

2. Tap on the Camera icon on the top right and select to Take Photo or Choose Photo on your device.

3. Tap on Share to… and tap on My Groups in the Sharing page.

4. Tap on New group… and tick the name of your friends that you want to allow to see the photo update.

5. Tap on Name then name your Group and tap on Save. Next tap on Done.

6. Go back to the Sharing Page and tick your newly created group and go back to your Moments update page.

7. Complete your Moments update and tap on Send.

Don’t Share Moments with Someone

If the group of people you don’t want to share certain Moments with are small, you might want to opt out of sharing with these people. To do this:

1. Go to the WeChat app main page and tap on the navicon and choose Settings.

2. Tap on Privacy and then tap on Don’t Share my Moments.

3. Tap on the + sign and tick friends that you don’t want to see your Moments; tap on OK. In the next page tap on Done.

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