Restore WeChat Recall Messages on iPhone

restore-wechat-recall-messages“Many Chinese friends around me are using WeChat and I start to use it recently. I am surprise to find that there is the recall messages function on it. Today, one of my friends recall his sent messages. I am so curious about it and try to search the way to restore wechat recall messages.”

Recall Messages is one of the useful and interesting functions on WeChat. Do you have the curiosity that you want to preview the content of these recall messages on WeChat? Actually, once you recall messages, they are just like deleted messages on your iPhone which can not be viewed by us. However, these data are still stored on your iPhone and you could restore them with the help of some tool.

When it comes to restore WeChat messages on iPhone, including these recall messages, the first choice for you is iRefone. As the professional iPhone WeChat data recovery software, it can help you recover lost and deleted WeChat Messages and Contacts directly from scanning your device, as well as extract these WeChat data from iTunes and iCloud backup. Except WeChat data, Messages, Contacts, Notes, Call history, Photos, WhatsApp and more data on your iOS devices could be supported to be recovered. Then, download and install the software to start the process of recovering WeChat messages from iPhone.

How to Restore WeChat Recall Messages on iPhone

Step 1: Launch iRefone and connect iPhone

Launch iRefone and connect your iPhone to the computer with USB cable. Click Start button when the software detect your device.

Step 2: Scan WeChat Messages from iPhone

Then it will bring you to the interface for you to choose the data you want to scan in your iPhone. Click on WeChat Messages icon to start scanning and analysis process.

Step 3: Preview and Retrieve WeChat Recall Messages

When the scanning is finished, all of the WeChat messages will be displayed in the program interface. Recall Messages will be marked in orange as well as these deleted messages. Preview them one by one and choose these Recall Messages you need. If you want to save them, you could click on “Recover to PC” to retrieve them to your computer.