How to Delete and Recover WeChat Contacts

delete-and-recover-wechat-contacts“I accidentally add some WeChat contacts in the recommended list that I don’t want to add. How do I delete these WeChat Contacts?”

Sometimes, you may need to delete some contacts on your WeChat when clearing the contacts list, or intentionally add some contacts that you do not want. Then you will delete these WeChat contacts. Today, in this post, we will teach you the way of how to delete WeChat contacts and if you accidentally delete the contacts you need, here is also the solution for you to recover deleted WeChat contacts.

How to Delete WeChat Contacts

1.Open WeChat and go to Contacts tab.

2.Select the friends to be deleted on Contacts, then tap the … icon on the top right.

3.Tap Delete to remove them.

4.Confirm the deletion by tapping on Delete.


How to Recover Deleted WeChat Contacts

Actually, WeChat will not help you save your data on their service, including these deleted contacts. So, in order to recover deleted WeChat Contacts, you need the help of iPhone WeChat data recovery software. Here we highly recommended iRefone. This software could help you recover WeChat data like messages and contacts, Besides it is able to access and extract WeChat data from iTunes or iCloud backup.

Now let’s download and install iRefone and start the process to recover deleted WeChat Contacts directly from your iPhone.

Step 1. Run iRefone and connect your device with computer. Then the software will detect your device automatically. Click “Start” to start.

Step 2. Then click on the icon of “WeChat Contacts” to start scanning and analyzing the WeChat Contacts on your device.

Step 3. When the scanning is finished, all of the Contacts on your device will be displayed in the software, including these deleted contacts. Preview these WeChat Contacts and pick out these Contacts you need to save on your computer, click on “Recover to PC” to save them to your computer.