[News]WeChat is Widely Used in Business in China

wechat-businessAs the No. 1 social media app, WeChat is used by people to connect with families and friends. Now, this app is also commonly used as the corporate communicate tools. Except sending instant messages, posting personal events, WeChat also provide the functions like riding hailing, buying movie tickets, sending payments, settling utility bills and online shopping.

These years, Tencent has added a range of business-oriented features onto the app which brings the app to be used both work and life. More than 20 million office workers now apply for leave, file for reimbursement and track project progress through WeChat’s enterprise accounts, which are special built-in accounts that Chinese companies open for their employees, Tencent said during an analyst call on Wednesday. In addition to common features such as file transfer and group call, the accounts offer customized functions for different bureaus and firms.

For example, WeChat allows its students and professors to check performance and pay school fees through its account, according to the website of WeChat enterprise account. Companies can also offer customers virtual membership cards through WeChat, where consumers can scan each time they make a purchase to accumulate reward points.

Chinese office workers share files through WeChat instead of using e-mail. Group conferences are also conducted on the app as opposed to Skype. People ask for each other’s WeChat ID, not name cards, during business meetings.

Ma Wanzhi, a 27-year-old project assistant, says she has 10 work-related groups on WeChat and she spends more than two hours every day there, while also using it for family and personal matters. “I really depend on WeChat for work because it is super convenient,” Ma says. “Everyone is on the app, so there is really no need for companies to invest in a new work app.”

Having business contacts on what is supposed to be a personal app like WeChat is just one way to build relationships in the country, says Chris DeAngelis, general manager at consultancy Alliance Development Group, which helps western technology companies expand in China.

“Everyone shares their lives on WeChat. A lot of relationships start with people following each other’s posts. If we have an active project going on, we will set up 20 groups. It is not like when you have to go on a computer and open up Skype.”

Thanks WeChat that gives us the more convenient way to make life and work easy. We are so expected that it could add more features to meet our demands.

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