Different Ways to Add WeChat Contacts on iPhone

add-wechat-contacts“Many of my friends around me begin to using WeChat and I want to join them as well. But I am not familiar with the app. I search online to find the tutorial of using it but never found a clear one. I want to ask if someone could list some easy ways of how to add WeChat friends. That would be a best way for me to get familiar with the app well. Thank you so much for your help.”

Are you suffer from the same problem as above users that you are the first time to get in touch with WeChat and do not know how to start it from? If so, you are lucky to read this guide as we will show you some different ways to add WeChat contacts. If you learn that, that would be easy for you to contact with friends through WeChat. Now, we will begin.

How to Add WeChat Friends on iPhone?

In order to add contacts on WeChat, there are some different ways to do it.

Search by WeChat ID/Phone

Launch WeChat app and tap on Contacts tab, tap on the Add Contacts icon on the top right of the screen. Then you will see the search box, enter the WeChat ID or phone number of your friends to add contacts of him.

Add by Scanning QR Code

Once you register WeChat, there will be a unique QR code of your WeChat ID. You can also use the QR code to add WeChat Contacts. Go to the Chats page (if you are not in), and tap on the + on the top right of the screen, choose Scan QR Code in the list. Then it will use your camera to scan QR code of your friend. The scanning process only need one second and you would be WeChat friends with other.

Note: To use iPhone Camera to scan the QR code, you should grant WeChat access to your iPhone Camera from Settings> Privacy> Camera.

Add via Friend Radar

If you and your friends are face to face, you could use Friend Radar to quickly add friends in your vicinity without entering phone numbers. Go to Contacts tab in WeChat and tap on the Add Contacts on the top right of the screen. Tap on Friend Radar and you will find the friends beside you.


WeChat has the limit of Contacts on WeChat, you could have up to 5000 contacts on WeChat.

If you accidentally lost some WeChat Contacts, you could use iRefone to help you recover lost WeChat Contacts. Read this article to learn more: How to Recover WeChat Contacts without Backup.

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