Backup WeChat Contacts before Updating iPhone

bao8oo90dji7__u0dap2“Should i backup my WeChat contacts before updating my iPhone with iOS 12? Then how could i do it?”

Every time we update our iPhone, we’ll be told to backup our iPhone data firstly, as we may lost some iPhone data during updating process due to some uncompatible issue. Now before updating your iPhone with iOS 12, you’d better do some backup as well. Here, we’ll show you some methods about how to backup your WeChat contacts before updating iPhone.
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Get Back Blocked WeChat Account

s3zuqmm4eu388981aqt2“I couldn’t log in my WeChat any more, and my friends day that my WeChat account is blocked, now could i get back my blocked WeChat account?”

When we do something violating WeChat rules, our WeChat account will be blocked. Now if your WeChat account is safe now, please not do anything against WeChat rules. And if your WeChat account have been blocked, you can follow below steps and get them back.
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Retrieve WeChat Attachments After iOS 12 Update

recover-wechat-attachment-ios-12We’ve talked about how to recover WeChat messages from iPhone after updating to iOS 12. Well, how about retrieving lost WeChat attachments like photos, videos, voice, etc after iOS 12 update? Now, just get the quickest solution from this page.

When you want to get back your WeChat attachment selectively, but not the whole backup from iTunes or iCloud, iRefone can help you out. Continue reading “Retrieve WeChat Attachments After iOS 12 Update”

Retrieve WeChat Data from iPhone without iTunes/iCloud

15178206162126170251Have the confusion- How to recover deleted or missing WeChat data from iPhone without iTunes or iCloud? This article will give you a simple workaround.

To recover iPhone data, the official method provided by App is using iTunes or iCloud. Well, if you have no iTunes or iCloud backup or you do not prefer the whole restore, you can apply the alternative workaround we provide here.  Continue reading “Retrieve WeChat Data from iPhone without iTunes/iCloud”

Recover WeChat from An Old Locked iPhone

recover-wechat-locked-screenI have an old iPhone 5 or 6 I used 2 years ago, I am hoping to recover WeChat from this phone, but I forget the 4 digit password I used 2 years ago. Any way to recover Wechat from an old locked iPhone?

Got some tips and tricks via hours’ Google drive. Since I’ve forgotten screen lock password, to get Wechat messages back from my old iPhone, I need get help from a third-party iPhone data recovery tool. Here iRefone is one the top recommendation (See a review of the best iPhone data recovery software).  Continue reading “Recover WeChat from An Old Locked iPhone”

Recover Lost iPhone WeChat Messages After Updating to iOS 12

wechat-recoveryThere is an issue that has around me for days: the WeChat conversion were lost after my iPhone 7 Plus updating to iOS 12. I noticed some apps are recommended online that can recover iPhone data including WeChat. I wanna get an easy and safe way.

Scoured the internet, tried everything I could find about the solution to recover lost iPhone Wechat messages after iOS 12 update. The final result I found from all relevant forums is to install and use iRefoneContinue reading “Recover Lost iPhone WeChat Messages After Updating to iOS 12”

Recover Deleted WeChat Messages from Unknown Friends

recover-deleted-messages-on-wechatHow can I retrieve my recently deleted WeChat messages from unknown friends?

If you wanna get back some deleted WeChat messages from unknown friends like the above user, just read on to get a quick solution.

How to Retrieve WeChat Messages from Unknown Friends

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Recover WeChat Messages from iCloud Backup

recover-wechat-messageI have WeChat on my iPhone and I need to get back a chat log I deleted. Any advice?

Deleted your WeChat messages, any way to get them back? The answer is positive. In this artcile, we share a tutorial on recovering Wechat messages from iCloud backup file.

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How to Solve WeChat Verification Code Problem

how-to-solve-verification-code-problem“When I try to log in my WeChat, it needs me to enter the verification code. But I cannot receive the code after waiting for a long time. I tried it again and again, but always not. How can I figure it out?”

Verification code is the security way to protect your WeChat account when you try to login in your WeChat on other new device. But many people may suffer from the trouble that cannot receive the verification code. Never mind. In this post, we will walk you through the methods to solve WeChat verification code problem. Continue reading “How to Solve WeChat Verification Code Problem”

Is it Possible to Get Back WeChat Messages on iPhone XS

recover-wechat-messages-on-iphone-xsIt is rumored that iPhone XS will be released in this Autumn. Do you have the plan to update your phone to iPhone XS? Once you are using the iPhone XS, WeChat is one of the necessary chat app you will install. But accidents would happened as well. Once you lost or deleted some WeChat messages on your iPhone XS, how can you get them back? What’s worse is that you even did not have backup? How can you handle this? Calm down. In below post, we would provide you the method to recover lost/deleted WeChat messages on iPhone XS.
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